How far can EVs travel?

Depending on its battery size, an EV can travel as far as 360 miles on a single charge. That’s like driving from London to Paris… without recharging! Keep in mind, the average commute in the UK is only 23 miles—less than an eighth of an average EV's range!

Meanwhile, most plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) on the market today have an all-electric range between 10 to 50 miles. Plus you’ll have your gas engine as a back up. It’s still a fuel efficient alternative to a diesel car.

Still thinking about those longer drives? According to the UK government, a driver is never more than 25 miles away from a rapid (50 kilowatt) chargepoint anywhere along England’s motorways and major A roads 1. With 809 open-access rapid chargepoints (and counting) along those routes and an average of 2 rapid chargepoints per motorway service area, charging stations will be almost as common as gas stations in the near future. So if you do need to recharge, you’re all set.

How long does it take to charge?

The time it takes to charge will vary depending on your car and where you charge it. Some cars can charge in as little as 15 minutes with an ultra-fast public charger.

However, charging at home is cheaper and more convenient—that's why 67% of people planning to buy an EV in the UK expect home to be their primary chargepoint. So let's talk home charging.

When charging at home, your charging speed depends on your car's battery capacity, your home's connection to the electric grid, the onboard charger of your car and, most importantly, the type of charger you use. If you're using a standard outlet, charging can take a full day or longer.

The fastest way to charge at home is using a smart home charger, which can be up to 8x faster, meaning your car could be ready to go by the time you're done with your daily binge-watching session.

Want to calculate the charging speed at your home? Here's how.

With a smart home charger:
Up to 8x faster

With a smart home charger:
Up to 8x faster

With a wall plug-in cable:
Around 24 hours for a full charge

With a wall plug-in cable:
Around 24 hours for a full charge

What about price? How much will charging cost?

Where and when you charge can determine what you pay. Many employers, supermarkets and car parks now offer free charging. Other public chargers can vary depending on the station's owner.

At home, charging during off-peak hours is the smartest—and cheapest—way to charge. Afterall, the cost of energy used around dinnertime (when lights, ovens, etc. are on everywhere) is not equal to the cost of energy used at 2:00a.m. when everyone's asleep. That's where a smart charger can help! You can schedule your charging sessions when rates are low to guarantee the lowest cost.

Take Lidia for example: She lives in London and drives a Tesla Model 3 with a 75 kWh battery. She schedules her charging sessions for off-peak hours using her smart charger to have an average cost per kWh of 10.45p, which means she will only spend £7.84 for a full charge. During peak hours the cost per kWh could be 17.11p—that's £13 for a full charge!2 Smart is saving £5 everytime.

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Speaking of savings...

To encourage the transition to sustainable transportation, the UK government and the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles offers many exciting incentives for EVs and smart EV home chargers.


Up to 35% (max. £3,000) off the cost of an electric vehicle.

Up to 75% (max. £350) off the cost of a home charging station and installation with the Home Charger Grant (EVHS). 3

Tax Benefits

Pure electric vehicles are exempt from the Vehicle Excise Duty, as well as the luxury car surcharge for EVs over £40.000.

Local benefits

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are exempt from London’s Congestion Charge until October 2021. Pure EVs will be exempt until December 2025.

Enjoy free and discounted parking, use of bus lanes and access to areas inaccessible to diesel vehicles in select cities.

Take a look at the complete guide of incentives.

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1 Government vision for the rapid chargepoint network in England, 14 May 2020.

2 Prices according to current electricity costs as of December, 2020.

3 Application of a grant can not be guaranteed following the purchase of a Wallbox charger. Grants are subject to local government authorisations only.