Electrifying Árima Real Estate!

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Árima Real Estate is a Spanish company that is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange as a SOCIMI (Sociedad Anónima Cotizada de Inversión Inmobiliaria) and led by a fully-dedicated internal management team. It was created in 2018 with the aim of becoming the leading Spanish SOCIMI in the Madrid office market. 

Árima, focuses primarily on the purchase, renovation and on-going management of office buildings in Madrid. Modernising, streamlining and revolutionising tired offices, crafting chic, collaborative workspaces. Árima’s target market is always the premium sector, so impeccable quality and service need to be delivered at all times. 

Árima has a strong dedication to social responsibilities, and is clearly committed to sustainability. These values have led them to design an initiative to encourage the uptake of electric cars and other non-polluting vehicles amongst their staff and visitors, leading to the creation of a number of electric vehicle parking spaces across their locations. 

The Challenge

Árima selected Wallbox to consult on this project, as market leaders in the industry, we were well placed to address the challenges and devise an efficient, effective solution.

The task at hand involved electrifying 15% of parking spaces from Arima’s portfolio starting with four different office locations, at a  total of 99 chargers. 

That number is set to increase as refurbishment works move forward. 

Árima also required installation, software set up and management to ensure a smooth transition from kick- off to real-life usage.

Commander 2
Commander 2

The Solution

After consulting on a number of chargers, it was clear that Commander 2 would be the most appropriate product to fit the brief. This is due to its user-friendly touchscreen interface, multi-user interface, flexibility, and insightful reporting capabilities. The Commander 2 is highly secure with password protection, RFID cards, and an app to control who accesses the device, allowing only Árima staff to benefit from the charging capabilities. 

“It has been perfect for us to partner up with Wallbox in our journey towards sustainable mobility at our buildings. Wallbox’s flexible solution and excellent customer service was the ideal combination for a real demand at premium assets as Arima’s portfolio”.

Guillermo Fernández-Cuesta, Real Estate Director, Árima

The Outcome

Following successful implementation of this green initiative, Árima have reported multiple desirable outcomes, including Wallbox’s provision of a 360° solution accompanied by excellent customer service.

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