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How to get an EV charger in your condo as a resident

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For those who own their own homes, EV charging installation is fairly straightforward. But did you know EV charging stations can be installed for those living in apartment blocks or condos?

Not only is it possible, but it is also much easier than you think. 

So if you live in rented accommodation with shared parking facilities, here’s the lowdown on what you can do to help get EV charging points installed at your residency.

Know your rights

Current right to charge laws differ across the world, although many countries don’t require permission for the private installation of EVSE.

Before reaching out to your landlord, it’s worth doing some research into specific rights of renters/owners of apartments who are looking to install EV charging. Search “EV charging laws apartments Singapore” for more information.

Get your landlord and your neighbours on board 

It’s best to get everyone singing from the same songbook. Approach your landlord and layout the reasons why EV installation is a great idea. Here’s an email template you can use.

Maybe your landlord won’t install EVSE just for you. In that case, generate some interest with your neighbors. Send them a survey to gauge their interest in having onsite chargers – you might be surprised by how many people get on board.

An important point: make sure your landlord is aware of the financial incentives available in your country or region. Search “EV charger incentives Sinagpore” for more information.

Find the right charger for you and your neighbours

You’d be forgiven for thinking a network of chargers would be a hassle when it comes to figuring out who pays what. Chances are your landlord will be wary of the extra admin that comes with installing EV charging in the building.

However, there are modern EV chargers tailor-made for smooth charging with multiple users in mind. The smart charger Commander 2, for example, allows for easy, secure usage and access thanks to a built-in touchscreen, and security features like password protection and login via RFID cards. When used alongside the myWallbox app, landlords are able to control multiple users and can leverage the integrated payment solution to easily get reimbursed either per charge or per month. In addition, residents benefit too as the app allows them to to have full control over their charge, both on-site and from afar.

Selecting a smart charger that enables Dynamic Load Balancing will also put to bed any concerns your landlord might have about increased energy costs and demand. This technology measures the condo’s energy usage in real-time and automatically adjusts the charge to all connected EVs in harmony with your local grid’s capacity. In this way, EVs are charged efficiently while the landlord can ensure energy use stays within the set maximum capacity, avoiding large energy bills, blackouts or having to contract higher power. 

Get help and advice on installation

The idea of installing a network of EV chargers might seem daunting at first. It’s a big step to take and that’s why it’s essential to call upon the experts.

Look for a company that can connect you with a local, certified and qualified installer to assist you with the installation.

For an overview of the steps, your landlord or property manager will need to take when installing EV charging, have a look at our guide on enabling electric vehicle charging in condominiums.

What about if you live on the upper floor?

For those living on upper floors of apartment blocks, with the right charger, charging an EV can be as convenient and easy as for those living on the ground floor.

Look for chargers you can control remotely, such as chargers that have Bluetooth functionality. This means that you can connect to the internet even when there’s no WiFi. So, if you’re at home on the 6th floor, you can still schedule and control when your EV charges.

Lead the charge

With the right strategy, installing an EV charging infrastructure in apartment blocks or condos can be carried out easily, effectively and in a way that benefits residents and landlords, as well as the wider community.

But it’s vital to get it right from the beginning. Apartment-based EV charging that meets the needs of all residents, while having the flexibility to grow with future demand, is just one part of the push towards a greener future.

It’s time to get on board! 

Find out more about our range of easy-to-use, intelligent chargers, including those designed with multiple users in mind.