Wallbox Genera Trade Event 2023

EV News: 10 things that Wallbox have been up to so far this year

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At Wallbox, we’re in the business of creating energy management solutions. It’s a snappy summary, but it doesn’t give you the gossip, the guts or a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. 

Lifting the lid

That’s why we have created a quarterly news roundup – so you can take a peek under the bonnet and get to know Wallbox even better.  Here we will discuss what we have been up to lately, how we got there and who we are. 

If you don’t know us – hi, hello, how are you? We are Wallbox. Born in Barcelona in 2015,  we’re dedicated to helping the world make the switch towards EVs for a more sustainable future. We’re also a global community of energy experts. We do the work of testing, checking, plotting, and refining products so everyone can have better control over their energy use.

And we aren’t afraid to ask questions in the process. We love nothing more than talking to our customers, partners and installers to find out what makes them tick. When you chat to a Wallboxer, you´ll be speaking to a person who knows the needs of local markets inside out – and who is excited to work with you to share their knowledge of EV chargers.

Getting ReConnected

We started off the year strong by hosting our third successful ReConnect event in Barcelona.

Showcasing the Supernova EV charger, as well as Wallbox’s other leading products and services, the event at Camp Nou provided opportunities for face-to-face networking, professional development, and learning about the latest trends and technologies. Partners gained key insights before anyone else, built strong relationships, and were impressed with the achievements and technology on display. The event generated buzz and interest, leading to new leads and big deals. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Watch the recap of our ReConnect event in Barcelona

We also showcased our EV chargers with our very first solo booth at Genera, a major international trade fare. The day long event gave us the opportunity to connect with EV intenders and users, and help even more people unlock the power of EV charging with Wallbox.

Emerging markets for Wallbox public and semipublic chargers

We have also been making some big steps forward with our emerging markets. We celebrated our official launch in Morocco with Super Auto (Oficial Audi distris) with a major event in the main Audi dealership. 

In Latin America, we worked with Evergo to secure a deal of 3500 units this year, complete with cobranding.  Evergo is the largest and most sophisticated network of charging points for electric cars in Latin America and the Caribbean. The joint effort between Evergo and Wallbox represents a major step forward in the region´s commitment to make the switch towards a greener future.

Evergo is now an official Wallbox distributor in 13 countries, including the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, Uruguay, Mexico, Aruba, and Paraguay.

Rolando González Bunster, President and CEO of InterEnergy Group, Evergo’s parent company said: “We are excited to cross borders and expand the limits of mobility, allowing Latin America to have access to these cutting-edge generation systems, driving innovation and the creation of increasingly smart and sustainable cities.”

He added: “Our alliance with such a top-rated company such as Wallbox, helps us meet our objective of transforming mobility and transition towards a sustainable model tailored to current and future needs, but with a global outreach.”

Wallbox official launch in Morocco with Super Auto
Wallbox official launch in Morocco with Super Auto
We installed 10 Supernovas in 43 locations around South Africa

Alongside our partner Rubicon, we also worked together with Audi in South Africa to install public and semi public chargers across 43 locations around South Africa.

Making waves Down Under

We’ve been creating quite the buzz in Australia too, especially since SAPN (South Australia Power Networks) approved Quasar for installation, and our name has popped up in all major publications from AutoTalk, The Driven, PV Magazine, Whichcar and more.

Our Supernova was inaugurated by Minister for Climate Change and Energy MP Chris Bowen at Transgrid and we were all over the news on prime time TV.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy MP Chris Bowen with the Wallbox Supernova
Minister for Climate Change and Energy MP Chris Bowen with the Wallbox Supernova

But that’s not all. In the USA, we´ve made quite the impact as well. We were one of the manufacturing providers highlighted by the White House For our US investments and were named as Fast Company’s most innovative companies in the March/April issue.

The accolade from the prestigious magazine highlights businesses leading the way in their respective industries and this recognition is a testament to Wallbox’s commitment and passion for sustainable transportation.

CEO Enric Asunción was among those thrilled with the news.

“Innovation has always been core to what we do at Wallbox, so we are proud to receive this recognition by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies,” he said.

“Our passion for sustainable transportation drives us to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of changing the way the world uses energy by creating smart, innovative solutions that make energy simple.” 

Unlocking the power of our EMC Chamber

Last, but certainly not least, we celebrated the official opening of our custom-made EMC chamber at Wallbox HQ. Built more than 22metres above ground level, the chamber is one of the first of its kind in Europe. You can learn more about how it came to be built and its impact on future testing in our video below.

So there you have it! A little roundup of what has been happening at Wallbox over the last few months. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Until next time!