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Wallbox launches Copper 2, a new take on Business EV charging

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Today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Wallbox launched Copper 2, the latest EV charger designed for businesses. Copper 2 comes with 22kW of charging power and it has been rigorously designed to close the gap in the charging needs of companies, providing a totally new take on Business EV charging. 

Elegant, easy to use and install, the new charger responds to the specific requirements of different businesses, installers and drivers, who require more robust, reliable and safe chargers. Copper 2 offers a seamless user experience, while including the latest energy management, installation and maintenance solutions.

Copper 2 is the latest release from Wallbox in terms of EV charging solutions for companies and it is expected to start production in the third quarter of 2022.

A future-proof charger for electric vehicles

Copper 2 electric vehicle charger for businesses by wallbox, CES 2022
Copper 2, business EV charging evolved

At Wallbox we always try to be one step ahead, adapting our products to the changes and future demands of the sector. This new launch is yet another example of how we’re helping to unlock the future of EV charging.

The new Copper 2 is an enhanced version of its predecessor, Copper SB (not yet available for the US  market). Copper 2’s design has evolved with a very clear intention: to offer the best possible user experience. It maintains all the characteristics of Copper SB and incorporates some improvements that make it more accessible all around.

Business-focused charging

Copper 2’s flexible design allows you to charge any type of electric vehicle on the market. Thanks to its upgrades, elegance and resistance, certified with protection ratings IP55 and IK10, it perfectly fulfills all its functions.

It also incorporates the latest smart technology that enables energy management solutions, such as dynamic load management, which reduces the need for power upgrades, and integrates MID variants, that allows you to carry out the monetization of charges.

New advantages for installers

Copper 2, the most versatile electric vehicle charger businesses 2022
Copper 2 is able to charge any EV and can be installed and managed through the App

Another defining improvement for Copper 2 is its installation system.On one hand, it has a new power docking station, which allows the electrical cables to be managed much more easily during installation. On the other hand, linking multiple chargers to enable dynamic load management can be done either wiring them or via wireless communication.

On top of that, once installed, any online setup and maintenance operation can be performed remotely from its online installers’ platform. All these improvements drastically reduce the installation and field operation time.

Maximum usability for the driver

Copper 2 seeks an ideal charging experience, and that’s why it’s very easy to use. It provides acoustic, sound feedback, and optical information through a LED light interface.

Copper 2 has also an RFID and NFC card reader, which connects easily with the myWallbox application. Furthermore, the Plug & Charge mode simplifies the charging process of the electric vehicle to the maximum.

Copper2 business ev charger by wallbox CES 2022
The New Business EV Charger Copper 2, and an electric vehicle fleet

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Copper 2, an electric vehicle charger created exclusively to meet the needs of businesses, along with many other releases, at the CES Consumer Electronic Fair 2022.

For those of you who can’t visit the Consumer Electronics Show, we will be broadcasting live all the updates on YouTube.

See you at CES!