Iberdrola & Wallbox light the way into the future

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Electric vehicles are here to stay and what better way than to go hand in hand with a company like Iberdrola that has been participating in this shift towards clean energy for years.

Who is Iberdrola?

Iberdrola is backed by more than 170 years of history and today is a world leader in renewable energy, championing the transition towards a low- emission economy. Iberdrola is always two steps ahead: they seek to provide solutions to reduce global warming through a reliable, smart and productive plan.

Iberdrola has been committed to the use of clean energy for more than 20 years now and they intend to double their capacity by 2025 to 60 GW and increase it by 2030 to 95 GW. Iberdrola’s association with Wallbox was intended to reinforce the mobility plan that began in 2016. As part of its sustainable commitment to the environment, Iberdrola is taking a huge step towards the transition to sustainable mobility and electric transport by placing 150,000 electric car recharging points, at homes, workplaces and urban areas.

The Pulsar Plus residential charger from Wallbox in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Iberdrola.

“The alliance of three major brands, Iberdrola, Mercedes- Benz, and Wallbox… has been a case of enormous success for all three brands.”

The Challenge

The purchase of an electric vehicle entails acquiring a charging point for your vehicle. However, there is a great lack of knowledge about the costs associated with the installation and use of a charger, since they can change a lot depending on different variables (distance from the charger to the light panel, power of the electric vehicle, etc.). In addition, each Autonomous Community in Spain has a different procedure when applying for subsidies under the MOVES III plan.

The Solution

Iberdrola has reached innovative agreements with Mercedez-Benz to market Wallbox’s residential charging solution, which they have called the “Plug & Go” package. These agreements are targeted

at one of the market segments with the greatest growth potential, and include turnkey installation of the Wallbox charging point, as well as special offers for the electricity bills for home charging and for charging outside the home. All these products together allow for a 360 degree charging solutions model for the electric vehicle customer, all in one package.

In addition, to further facilitate the move towards electromobility, Iberdrola offers this turnkey package at a fixed price, regardless of the type of installation and housing type.

Iberdrola has successfully promoted similar agreements with other critical sector players such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Cars España, SEAT, CUPRA and Volkswagen Group España Distribution, Toyota, Arval, and Mazda among others, in addition to the Quadis dealer network.

Mercedes-Benz Plug & Go package in collaboration with Iberdrola and Wallbox.

The Outcome

Iberdrola has designed a product that eliminates uncertainty about its cost by simplifying with a solution that’s valid for any type of home and installation. They
also provide consulting and assistance to individuals who buy electric vehicles by helping them apply for the MOVES III EV Incentive from the Spanish government. This allows Iberdrola to offer a complete service to the customer, even in places where it is more difficult to acquire an electric charger.

With the “Plug & Go” Package, 99% of the installation plan is basically covered. But, this plan covers more than just installation, it is an alliance with two very reliable

and trustworthy companies, Wallbox and Iberdrola. When these two companies come together, they can create incentives that help us reach our sustainable energy goals even faster than expected.

Wallbox Charger co-branded with Mercedes-Benz and IBERDROLA logos.

“The alliance of three major brands, Iberdrola, Mercedes-Benz, and Wallbox, all of them with
a clear focus on customer satisfaction and the highest quality, has been a case of enormous success for all three brands over the past two years. Great synergies were generated that
have benefited not only all of Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicles customers, but also these three great companies, each one of them leaders in their sectors of activity, and who have learned and shared knowledge to be even better leaders by collaborating with each other. In short, a great success story and an example to follow.”
– Pablo de Regoyos, SmartMobility Product Manager & Strategic Alliances at Iberdrola