New Wallbox corner at SERES flagship in France

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Find out how Wallbox and SERES teamed up to create a sustainable future for e-mobility.

Who is SERES?

SERES is a global transportation technology company developing and manufacturing intelligent electric vehicles to create a safer, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Founded in 2016 in the heart of Silicon Valley in the United States by John Zhang and his partner Martin Eberhard (co-founder of Tesla), the SERES brand aims to make the electric experience reachable to all, while combining comfort and technology.

The company owns and operates manufacturing, assembly and research and development facilities across the U.S., China and Japan. As per today SERES sold globally more than 270.000 vehicules, and its revenues in 2021 exceed 2M€.

So far SERES has launched three EV models: the SERES 3, a family SUV with a very competitive price/equipment ratio; the new SERES 5, a premium vehicle that combines design and an outstanding driving experience; and the EC35, an LCV for professionals that operate in a urban environment.

Last but not least, SERES recently signed a partnership with Huawei that will provide the new SERES 5 with a next gen battery, HiCar and a futuristic infotainment system.

SERES 3, a family SUV EV model, inside dealership.

“Between SERES vehicles and WALLBOX products, electric mobility has a very bright future ahead.”

The Challenge

After consolidating its position in the Asian market, SERES is now aiming to play a major role in the growing European EV market. Competition in the segment of accessible EVs will be more and more challenging, nevertheless SERES wants to make the most of its early entry and of its competitive advantages to be among leaders of the sector in the years to come.

To meet this ambition, and be able to continue its expansion, the car manufacturer will have to make sure to meet the needs of the e-mobility customers. Expectations of this cluster of clients are rising fast: they require not only state of the art technology, design and reliability of EV cars, but also to be provided with a competitive charging solution.

Here is where Wallbox steps in. As SERES’ strategic partner, Wallbox will be providing to clients its advanced electric vehicle charging and energy management systems. This win-win partnership will be critical to offer a true added value to customers who should indeed enable SERES and Wallbox to meet their long term objectives.

The Solution

Starting from early 2022, SERES’ dealers across France, Andorra and Monaco will be able to offer to their clients the entire Wallbox AC chargers range (Pulsar Plus, Copper SB and Commander 2) along with relevant accessories and Wallbox energy management systems.

The first tangible milestone of this partnership
has been the inauguration of the very first Wallbox corner in a car dealership at SERES european flagship store in Toulouse (France) in October 2021.

The 14m2 corner features a display of all Wallbox AC chargers and – this is the real news – the possibility for clients to interact with them thru an intuitive charging experience.

Customers experiencing first hand the SERES world, meaning not only the EV car range and
its multiple features but also the brand vision and values, is considered by the company a key success factor. The first Wallbox corner project perfectly aligned to this holistic vision and was therefore approved with enthusiasm and realized without hesitation by both companies.

Wallbox’s Copper SB charger in the Wallbox Corner at the SERES flagship store in Toulouse.

The design and production of this new concept was carried out with the collaboration of Outform, an award-winning global innovation agency with whom Wallbox is partnering for its retail projects.

As an important part of the agreement between the two companies, training and formation to the SERES dealers on the chargers specs and features will be provided by the Wallbox team.

The Outcome

The expansion of car manufacturers like SERES, specialized exclusively in accessible and premium EV production, accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles among European car owners and therefore gives a strong support to reaching the global objective
of an emission-free future. Thanks to the partnership with Wallbox, SERES will be able to provide to its client the smartest, most reliable and user-friendly charging solution available today on the market.

Moreover, the possibility to scale and replicate the concept behind the first Wallbox corner in Toulouse, within other SERES dealerships, will be crucial to convince even the most resiliant customer that the transition to EV is not only recommendable, but possible and better under all possible aspects.

“Having as a partner Wallbox, the benchmark for charging stations, is an honor and an opportunity for us. Our customers will have the best products of the market for charging at home or at work, The Wallbox charging stations are powerful and beautiful. Between SERES vehicles and WALLBOX products, electric mobility has a very bright future ahead.” – Jérémie Assié, General Manager SERES France

Client interacting with Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus model during inauguration of the Wallbox corner at SERES’ flagship store.