Otovo Offers Wallbox Chargers with Over 60% Savings

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  • Electric vehicle owners will now be able to save more than 60% on charging their cars or motorbikes using energy produced on their own roof.
  • The combination of Wallbox’s smart chargers, which allow users to schedule charging, and Otovo’s range of solar panels will offer drivers the ability to charge their vehicles during peak sunlight hours, potentially eliminating the cost of charging altogether.

Madrid, July 29th, 2021Otovo, a Norwegian company specialising in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar power for single-family homes, reaches a commercial agreement with Wallbox, one of the leading providers of electric vehicle charging solutions, to offer its customers greater energy savings when charging their EVs while continuing to drive the growth of renewable energy.

Thanks to this alliance, Otovo has become an authorised Wallbox distributor, which allows it to install smart chargers for electric vehicles for customers who request them. In this way, the owners of these vehicles who decide to opt for PV solar will be able to save more than 60% when charging their cars or motorbikes through the energy produced on their own roof.

Íñigo Amoribieta, CEO of Otovo in Spain, said: “Being an authorised Wallbox distributor is a great opportunity for us that will allow us to offer an even more complete service to our customers. In addition, we are sure that this agreement will add value to society, where the role of the electric car is also key to energy savings and efficiency in the home”.

More savings and cost-effectiveness

With the new electricity tariffs that include hourly rate changes coming into effect, self-supply energy systems are advantageous for electric vehicle users. Considering that the average monthly charge of an electric vehicle consumes around 300 kWh (around 50 kilometres driven per day) and that the price per kWh during the off-peak period is around €0.15/kWh, the cost of charging an electric car directly from the electricity network would be around €45 per month.

Furthermore, if the user uses their self-generated solar power and charges during daylight hours, the cost can be drastically reduced and potentially free. Even when charging at night, the PV solar system continues to provide savings, as repayments from the extra energy discharged to the grid reduces the monthly cost of charging to around €12, which represents a saving of more than 70% or around €400 per year. 

In addition, via the my Wallbox app, users can schedule their vehicles to charge during off-peak hours, taking advantage of the most economical electricity rates. This combined with reduced electricity bills, which on average are reduced by 50%, result in significant savings on electricity bills for PV solar users. 

Wallbox is a global company committed to changing the way the world uses energy through intelligent charging systems that combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional design. Thanks to chargers such as the Pulsar Plus range or Quasar, the first bi-directional charger of its kind, users can manage communication between the car and the charger in a simple and efficient way.

About Otovo

Otovo is a Norwegian marketplace that seeks to build the largest virtual community of self-generated power in Europe, offering the user a “turnkey” service for the installation of solar panels in single-family homes, after comparing several installers and finding the best quality/price ratio. In addition to unbeatable financing conditions, Otovo offers a return of 10-15%, reduces billed consumption by 50% and allows a return on investment in 7-10 years on installations bought by the customer.  In the case of rental, low monthly rates mean that the customer can compensate for these payments with the reduction in the electricity bill, leaving money in the customers pocket.

The company is already present in Norway, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland and Spain, offering its customers cost optimization services, administrative procedures and installation of solar panels.


About Wallbox

Wallbox is a global company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. Wallbox creates smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with outstanding design and manage the communication between vehicle, grid, building and charger. Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public and public use in more than 60 countries. 

Founded in 2015, with headquarters in Barcelona, Wallbox’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles today to make more sustainable use of energy tomorrow. The company employs over 500 people in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

For additional information, please visit www.wallbox.com.


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