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Wallbox at CES 2022

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CES 2022 brings together a diverse world of pioneering and innovative industries. The Consumer Electronic Show 2022 will take place in Las Vegas from January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Wallbox has the pleasure to announce its presence at CES 2022

As part of the CES® Unveiled event on January 3rd, we will be showcasing our latest products and trends, which include the launch of the new “Quasar 2”  – a next-generation bidirectional home charger. The presentation will be hosted by Douglas Alfaro, the General Manager of Wallbox North America in a Q&A session.

America’s Newest Bidirectional Charger 

quasar 2 ev charger by wallbox at consumer electronic show 2022
America’s Newest Bidirectional Charger; Quasar 2 EV Charger by Wallbox

“Bidirectional charging opens up numerous opportunities for smarter energy management in the home”.

Enric Asunción, co-founder and CEO of Wallbox

Wallbox has designed a next generation bidirectional charger, Quasar 2, with advanced technology. Bidirectional charging means it can be used to charge and discharge electric vehicles to power your home or give power back to the grid

Quasar 2, retains the advanced features and functionality of the previous Quasar with the addition of a blackout mode, a feature that allows you to use your electric vehicle as an emergency generator in event of a power shortage. 

Quasar 2 can supply power for a home for an average of 3 days depending on the car battery and energy consumption. Quasar 2 is part of the evolution in sustainable energy systems. It allows you to consume energy in a smarter and more efficient way to help you lower the cost of your power bills. 

Douglas Alfaro, the General Manager of Wallbox North America said that “The average American experienced more than eight hours of power interruption in 2020. Whether it’s caused by an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire or simply related to an overload on the power grid, a power outage can have a detrimental impact on homeowners that can last for hours or even days. With blackout mode, we are able to offer EV owners some relief by helping mitigate the impact of a major energy disruption in the home.”

Quasar 2 EV charger ev solution by wallbox
Quasar 2 can supply power for a home in case of a blackout

A better, user friendly and powerful performance 

Quasar 2 has been designed to be compatible with existing American infrastructure to ensure optimal efficiency. It can provide up to 11.5kW/48 Amp of power for charging and discharging, making it even more powerful than the original Quasar. Quasar 2 comes with CCS compatibility and connects to the myWallbox app through Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or 4G.

Wallbox will also showcase some of its many hardware and software solutions for the home, business, and public sectors, at the Consumer Electronic Show 2022. For example:

Home charging solutions on display at CES 2022

Pulsar Plus (40A and 48A)

  • This is Wallbox’s best-selling home charger. 
  • Pulsar Plus is compatible with all electric vehicles including Teslas (using Tesla-provided J1772 adapter). 
  • Features include flexible amperage setting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, charge scheduling, power sharing, the myWallbox app, and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

Eco-Smart and Power Boost 

  • This is Wallbox’s first home energy management features available for electric vehicle drivers
  • To activate these features in every Pulsar Plus you only require a power meter and the myWallbox app. 
  • Eco-Smart Solar EV Charging is an Energy Management System that makes your Wallbox charger a key part of any sustainable home energy system. 
  • You can use your solar panels (PV) or wind turbines at home to charge your EV in a green, efficient and sustainable way. You have two charging options, it’s your choice to decide when to go fully green or charge with a mix of green and grid energy. 
  • Power Boost will measure in real-time the energy usage of a household and will dynamically adjust EV charging power. This permits users to install a more powerful EV charger at home. 
Quasar 2 EV bidirectional charger by wallbox CES 2022
Quasar 2 on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Las Vegas

Public Charging Solutions


Supernova is Wallbox’s next generation DC fast-charger
Reliable and efficient public charging that benefits both electric vehicle drivers and chargepoint operators.  

Supernova will have an American version specifically designed for the US. Its pre-production should begin soon at the Wallbox’s factory in Arlington, TX. Supernova’s NA version will offer ranges from 65 to 130 kW of power, which will give you a substantially faster charge that can go up to 120 miles of range in less than 15 minutes. It will also allow future power upgrades, easy transportation and an effortless Installation with a user-friendly system. 


Hypernova is Wallbox’s ultrafast charger with up to 350 kW of power. It is perfect for charging locations aimed at long-distance travel like highways, national routes or remote areas. Hypernova can fully charge an EV in less than 15 min. 

Business Solutions 

Copper 2 

Wallbox will present its latest Business charger with 22kW charging power, designed to address companies’, installers’ and drivers’ need for a more reliable charger that is user-centric and comes with energy management, installation and maintenance options. 

Commander 2 

Commander 2 comes with a touchscreen and 4G connectivity for an easy installation and guarantees the highest up-time.

With 22kW charging power, Copper 2 has been rigorously designed to close the gap in business charging needs. The new charger addresses companies’, installers’ and drivers’ need for more robust and reliable chargers, that are user-centric and come with energy management, installation and maintenance options. 


The Energy Management Solution for Businesses made by Wallbox.This solution integrates the electric grid and renewable energy sources, on-site batteries and other sources. It will balance them in real-time to cover demands and optimize energy cost in the best sustainable way possible. This management solution can be paired up with Quasar allowing you to use an EV fleet as an optional or additional source of energy. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Wallbox’s latest and most innovative products.. . You can find “Wallbox” on the Mandalay Bay Level 2 Shorelines Exhibit Hall – LOCAL 507 during the Expo. 

For those of you who will be missing the Consumer Electronic Show this year, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for live updates directly from CES!

See you at CES!  

Quasar 2 EV fleet charger Consumer Electronics Show 2022
Wallbox Team presenting Quasar 2 at Consumer Electronics Show 2022