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Guide to EV and EV Charging Incentives in Hong Kong

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Are you frustrated by the lack of places to charge your EV? There’s the public charging network for, but that was never meant to be used for routine charging. Would you like to have your own charger at home, but worry that the EV charging-enabling infrastructure (EVCEI) isn’t in place?

The great news for EV owners is that now there’s an incentive to help! The Government’s HK$2 billion EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS) was launched in October 2020 to subsidize the installation of EVCEI in car parks of existing private residential buildings.

It’s proving really popular, so if you want to get a home subsidy, you’d better act quick! Applications for the EHSS are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. And while the subsidy was meant to cover more than 60,000 private parking spaces over 3 years, there’s been incredibly rapid take-up and that figure’s almost been reached already!

Home Charging Subsidy Scheme

What is covered
(if eligible and approved)
What is not coveredLimits of subsidy
Typically covers these costs:

Employing a consultant and contractor for install of the EVCEI
EVCEI installation works including cabling and associated builder’s works
It will not cover:
Supply and installation of EV chargers or EV supply equipment to be connected to the EVCEI
Operating, maintenance, and insurance costs
Fire detection system
EVCEI installed before application submission
HK$30,000 per eligible parking space*


HK$15 million for the entire development*

*whichever is lower

All installation works must be pre-approved by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)
Read the full details of what is and is not covered


Are you eligible for EHSS?If your application is successful, who can install the EVCEI?HOW TO APPLY FOR EHSS
To apply for the EHSS, the car park and applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria:

Car park eligibility details

Applicant eligibility details

Full details of the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS)
To procure consultants and contractors for installation of EVCEI under the EHSS, the applicant must follow the Government-specified e-tendering process.Click here for the official step-by-step guide on how to apply for the EHSS
Check for eligibility and find out how to apply

EV incentives

Looking for incentive information on Electric Vehicles?

If you haven’t bought an EV yet, or are looking to change vehicles, check out these incentives—you could make big savings!

1. First Registration Tax (FRT) Concessions for Electric Vehicles (until 31 March 2024)

The latest incentives on Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong

The “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme has been used on c.90% of first registered e-private cars since its launch. But it’s not the only incentive option available. Find the incentive that suits you best:

For full details, check with the Transport Department  

What’s it for?What’s the incentive?
a. One-for-One Replacement SchemeConcession cap: HK$287,500
b. Other e-private carsFRT waived up to HK$97,500
c. Other types of EV including electric motorcycles/tricycles & electric commercial vehiclesFRT waived in full

2. Profits tax deduction

For details of eligible vehicles, check with the Environmental Protection Department
For details of the profits tax deduction, check with the Inland Revenue Department

What’s it for?What’s the incentive?
EVs for enterprises, 1st year of procurement100% profits tax deduction for capital expenditure

3. New Energy Transport Fund (NET Fund)

For details, including how to apply, check with the Environmental Protection Department

What’s it for?What’s the incentive?
Encourages trial and usage of green innovative transport technologiesAn extra HK$800 million was added to the fund in 2020  

Note that financial incentives may be reduced in future as EVs become more affordable