Power Outage

How To Avoid Blackouts And Surprise Energy Bills

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When you charge your EV at home, it’s important to make sure you stay within your subscribed power. If you don’t, you could get hit with high energy bills, or worse, cause a blackout.

Power Boost is a dynamic load management solution that measures your home’s live energy use and automatically adjusts the charge given to your EV in harmony with your power with your local grid’s capacity.

Power Boost
Power Boost

How does Power Boost work?

The energy meter, connected to your Wallbox smart charger, will measure the total amount of power you’re using at any given time. So, if it looks like you’re about to exceed your home’s maximum capacity, the Power Boost function will reduce the amount of power used by your charger.

Let’s say for example, you arrive home and put your car on to charge. Once inside, you turn the lights on, start cooking, load the washing machine and turn on the TV. All the while, Power Boost will measure your energy use. As you turn on more appliances it will reduce the amount of power delivered to your car, so you never exceed your maximum capacity. Equally, when you turn off an appliance, Power Boost will adjust and deliver more power to your charger.

This form of smart charging management means you can charge your EV in the most efficient way. Watch this video to learn more.

Power Boost explained

Can I install a meter myself?

Installation of meters must be performed by a certified electrician, according to local regulations. We also recommend choosing the Power Boost feature as you purchase your Wallbox charger to allow for the installation to be optimized in terms of time and cost.

What Wallbox chargers are compatible with Power Boost?

All UK Wallbox chargers are compatible with Power Boost.

How do I configure Power Boost?

Once your certified electrician has installed your meter, you’ll need to configure it via the myWallbox app.

  • Log-in to the myWallbox app
  • Select your charger and wait for synchronization to complete
  • Open ‘Settings’, select ‘Upgrades’ and then select ‘Power Boost’
  • Enable ‘Power Boost’. Under ‘Max Current Per Phase’ specify the main breaker’s rated current or subscribed current, whichever is lower – consult with your electrician for this step.

More information

Watch this video by Nick Raimo who talks about the Power Boost capabilities in more detail.