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Take Control of your Business EV Charging with myWallbox

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As the shift towards electric mobility accelerates, so too does the demand for a more convenient, simplified charging experience. 

For businesses that are developing charging infrastructure – either to power their electric fleet or to offer employees and clients on-site charging – the need for a manageable, hassle-free charging solution is even more paramount. 

Experts can help you assess all the essentials when designing and implementing the best charging solution for your business. While each project is unique, you can benefit from choosing a smart charger that is linked to a centralized system, enabling remote, real-time management of your charging infrastructure. 

The myWallbox platform offers a range of functions to support businesses:

  • Manage multiple users of Wallbox chargers
  • Manage multiple chargers in different locations
  • Access real-time charger status and energy statistics
  • Execute remote firmware updates
  • Provide users access to Wallbox chargers through the app
  • Customize payment configurations for access to chargers
myWallbox platform

myWallbox subscription plans

Through myWallbox, we offer several subscriptions plans to tailor to the needs of different types of users:

myWallbox subscription plans

Basic Plan – ideal for private domestic use of Wallbox chargers. It allows users to register chargers with their account, invite other people to access their chargers, and control the charger remotely. Users can also take advantage of charging schedules and energy management solutions, like Power Boost and Power Sharing.

Standard Plan – ideal for businesses that manage a charging infrastructure with multiple chargers and users. For just 4,5€ per charger and month, users can sign up to the standard plan, where they’ll enjoy all the features of the basic plan plus Dynamic Power Sharing setup, portal remote configuration, and tools for easier management of multi-charger, multi-user charging infrastructures. 

Business Plan – ideal for businesses that manage a charging infrastructure with multiple chargers and users and need a simple payment integration tool. The myWallbox Business Plan offers integrated payment solutions for charging point operators to manage chargers, users and payments, through an all-in-one cloud platform. Currently, businesses are already able to leverage the pay per charge functionality, and now Wallbox is launching a new pay per month option

What’s new?

Subscribers to the myWallbox Business Plan can now take advantage of the new monthly payment functionality. On top of the current  pay per charge option, we now also provide a  pay per month option:

Pay per charge: The most convenient solution for occasional users of charging point services. Users can easily access and pay for charge services via the myWallbox app and businesses get paid directly into their bank each time. 

Pay per month (new!): The most convenient solution for regular users of charging point services. Users easily access and pay for charging services at myWallbox and Businesses get paid directly into their bank account each month.

How the new pay per month option works

myWallbox pay per month

Take control of your business EV charging environment

  1. Download the myWallbox app for free on Android or IOS.
  2. Create a myWallbox account by following our simple step-by-step guide for desktop and app.
  3. Add chargers to your account.
  4. Connect to your charger, either via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network

For more information, visit the myWallbox support on the Wallbox Academy.