Replenishh Partners with Wallbox for Charging Solutions

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As the “installer’s choice” in the United Kingdom, Replenishh worked with Wallbox to diversify its offering and serve more installers and end users than ever before.

Who is Replenishh?

Established in 2019, Replenishh is the UK’s one-stop shop for electric vehicle charging solutions, providing a comprehensive range of products, services, training, and support. Its mission is to make EV installation a more straightforward process for installers, as well as the home and business owners they serve.

As a subsidiary of Rapid, a leading electronics distributor, Replenishh applies over 40 years of experience in solving customer challenges to the emerging EV landscape. Replenishh was recently named ‘EV Start-Up of the Year’ at the EVIEs, the Electric Vehicle Innovation & Excellence Awards.

Jim Rugg, EV Technical and Specifications Manager of Replenishh


“The EV space is changing all the time,” says Jim Rugg, EV Technical and Specifications Manager of Replenishh, “and nowhere is that more true than in the UK.” Not only is the UK market growing rapidly, but changing regulations present added challenges. From 2018 to 2020 alone, government agencies introduced two key stipulations that resulted in significant changes for the category.

As a leading provider of EV charging solutions, Replenishh has had to continuously adapt alongside these changes while meeting growing demand. Thus, finding partners that can adapt just as quickly and effectively is critical.

In early 2020, Replenishh set out to expand its offering and onboard more charging providers who could execute a high level of flexibility, innovation, and care—and ultimately drive sales.


Replenishh decided to offer the full range of Wallbox products after seeing the company’s ability to respond to the needs of the market. In particular, Replenishh was impressed with Wallbox’s speed in updating its best-selling model, the Pulsar Plus, in response to new regulations, not only advancing the technology but also lowering the overall cost in the process.

“We chose Wallbox for the innovation—its ability to be flexible in this ever-evolving market. Wallbox has evolved in such a short space of time.”

Jim Rugg, EV Technical and Specifications Manager of Replenishh
Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Innovative Product Suite

Replenishh understands that each installation, and customer, is unique so having a varied range is key. With chargers and accessories for home, business, and semi-public installations, Wallbox caters to all needs.

“They have great solutions that cover a lot of different scenarios. I find it very easy to sell,” says Mr. Rugg, “Wallbox continues to bring out new, exciting products that installers love to install and end customers love to use.”

Plus, Wallbox’s unique design approach across its portfolio further sets it apart from competitors. “Wallbox has a fresh, modern look. It’s a smart solution in a small, compact design that is very forward-thinking.”

Installer Support

Replenishh views installers as a particularly essential part of the EV ecosystem. “[They] are predominantly the ones going to sell to customers so making their lives as easy as possible is important,” says Mr. Rugg.

Wallbox minimizes installation time for the installer and reduces costs for the end consumer by making its chargers incredibly easy to install. Replenishh also worked closely with Wallbox to create an installer education program, in partnership with Wallbox’s proprietary training platform, Wallbox Academy.

Together, Replenishh and Wallbox now offer installers a full-service solution that spans product, training, and service.

Close Partnership

For Replenishh, strong communication and partnership is critical to delivering on customer needs.

“Wallbox is very much a partner. We work together on many elements. We develop training together. We leverage their pre-sales and after-sales capabilities. They send us leads. Together, we make sure customers are getting the best experience.”

Mr. Rugg credits this mutually beneficial relationship with strengthening both the Replenishh and Wallbox brand in the market.

Pulsar Plus is easy to install and complies with updated regulations in the UK


Despite economic downturns brought on by the pandemic, Replenishh experienced its best quarter ever in 2020. “We’ve had a very successful few months and that’s with Wallbox onboarded. We’ve got a lot of leads coming from Wallbox,” says Mr. Rugg.

A powerful solution for indoor and outdoor

In growing its offering, Replenishh can now satisfy more customer needs than ever before. The company is confident that even as the market continues to evolve, Wallbox will remain a step ahead and be a strong partner for the years to come.

“Wallbox has managed to stay competitive in this fast-paced market which has really helped us to sell a lot more products. A lot of people want to come back for more.”


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