Scots Urged to Apply for £300 EV Charger Installation GrantScots

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Owners of electric cars in Scotland can get a £300 grant to help cover the cost of installing a home charger. 

The Scottish Government has announced a new project to help households install energy efficient chargers for electrical cars, bringing the total support on offer through Home Energy Scotland to £50 million over 2021/2022. 

Scots living in rural communities are being urged to seek support and advice from Home Energy Scotland to help with the cost of purchasing and installing home charge points for electric vehicles. 

Financial support worth up to £300 is available to people living in rural areas of Scotland, as well as those who purchased their electric vehicle through the Used Electric Vehicle Loan.

The Pulsar Max is ideal for residential use

Who can apply?

The charging station grants means that anyone who purchased a used electric vehicle via the loan, or anyone who lives in a category 7 or 8 area in Scotland, and owns or leases an electric vehicle, may be eligible for funding.

The move is an attempt to increase the popularity of zero-emission vehicles in the country. Scottish motorists are beginning to make the switch to electric, with registrations of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) rising across Scotland by 75% between July and September last, compared to the same time in 2021. A total of 38,600 electric cars were registered in the third quarter, up from 22,100 for July and September 2020.

Commander2 - Wallbox EV charger for business
The Commander 2 has a touch screen, 4G connectivity and automated billing options

What will it get you?

Buyers will be able to claim up to  £300  for a home charger and its installation, and the scheme will be overseen by the Home Energy Scotland. The cost of getting a home charger is about £500 – £1000. 

As electric cars have risen in popularity, more charging models have become available to buy. A Pulsar Plus, which has a charging power up to 7.4kW, can be purchased for about £589.00 while the Copper SB model would cost about £859.00.  There is also a charger aimed at larger spaces, such as businesses and private car parks, that require enough energy to charge a fleet of vehicles. The Commander 2, for example, has a touch screen, 4G connectivity and automated billing options.