Eranovum and Wallbox Bring Fast EV Charging to the city of Madrid

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Eranovum, a key player in Spain’s renewable energy landscape, has been spearheading the transition to sustainable transportation through its strategic partnership with Wallbox since 2022. With a shared commitment to advancing EV adoption and reducing carbon emissions, this collaboration has set thestage for transformative projects, including the latest milestone in Madrid’s city center.

Implementing a Robust Charging Infrastructure in Madrid

As Madrid experiences a surge in electric vehicle ownership, the need for accessible and efficient charging infrastructure becomes paramount. Centro Canalejas, home to the prestigious Four Seasons hotel and luxury retail outlets, identified the demand for fast charging as an essential service for its clientele. The challenge lay in implementing a robust ev charging solution that not only met the high standards of luxury establishments but also aligned with regulatory requirements. The current RD 29/2021 regulation states that parking spaces in Spain are required to have 1 EV charger for every 40 parking slots.

Efficient Charging with Supernova EC charger: Easy Installation and Cost Savings for Canalejas’ parking facility

In a bid to tackle the challenge of creating a robust charging infrastructure within Centro Canalejas’ parking facility, Eranovum strategically leveraged 4 Supernova 60kW, 3 Supernova 150kW DC chargers and 6 Commander 22kW AC Chargers, recognizing their unique advantages for hub stations operating within confined spaces.

Wallbox Supernovas boast compact design, offering unmatched installation flexibility and seamlessly integrating into Centro Canalejas’ existing infrastructure with ease. This reduced footprint not only streamlined the deployment process but also resulted in saving significant costs by eliminating the need for extensive modifications or construction work. By utilizing the available space efficiently, Eranovum maximized the utility of the parking facility, optimizing its capacity for EV charging while minimizing disruption to regular operations.

Moveover,  the Supernova is the perfect charging solution for urban environments that may need to scale in the future.  Their modular design allows for effortless expansion of charging capacity, making them the ideal choice for locations where EV adoption is on the rise. This scalability is particularly advantageous for indoor parking facilities, where space constraints necessitate agile and adaptable solutions to meet evolving needs.

Eranovum’s innovative business model ensured a hassle-free experience for Centro Canalejas. By assuming all project-related costs, managing installations, and providing round-the-clock support, Eranovum empowered its partner to deliver a premium charging service without any upfront investment.

Successful Charging Station Implementation by Eranovum and Wallbox

The successful implementation of the charging station marks a significant milestone for Eranovum, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable infrastructure development. For Centro Canalejas, the partnership with Eranovum and Wallbox has enabled the provision of a premium service to its discerning clientele, enhancing the overall customer experience.

With the capacity to recharge approximately 300 vehicles daily, the station not only meets current demand but also paves the way for future EV growth in the region. This achievement underscores the efficacy of collaboration between industry leaders in driving sustainable innovation and meeting evolving market needs.

Wallbox’s Supernova chargers emerged as the cornerstone of this project, offering unparalleled features tailored to urban environments:

– Compact footprint: Ideal for installation in existing parking facilities, maximizing space efficiency.

– Integrated payment terminal: Streamlined user experience with convenient payment options.

– User-centric design: Intuitive interface and cable management system for hassle-free charging sessions.

The Partnership between Eranovum, Centro Canalejas, and Wallbox brings a greener future for Madrid

By harnessing the unique advantages of Supernova, Eranovum and Wallbox have set a new standard for fast charging infrastructure in urban settings.

The partnership between Eranovum, Centro Canalejas, and Wallbox exemplifies the synergy between renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and innovative technology. Through collaborative efforts and strategic vision, these stakeholders have not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for a cleaner, greener future in Madrid and beyond