EV Charging: DATS 24 & Colruyt Group’s Initiative

EV Charging: DATS 24 & Colruyt Group’s Initiative

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Belgium’s largest food retailer is spearheading an ambitious project to equip its stores with EV chargers, to keep up with the rising electric vehicle adoption.

This project was led by the Colruyt’s Group renewable energy business unit DATS 24. With charging infrastructure provider Pluginvest, Colruyt Group aims to offer convenient charging solutions while promoting sustainability and enhancing customer experience. This initiative emphasizes DC fast charging stations at convenient retail locations.

Identifying Challenges in EV Charging

The big challenge was to enable EV owners to charge their vehicles conveniently while shopping, powered by low-priced green electricity. Colruyt Group identified the increasing demand for EV charging services among its customers. This signaled the need for reliable, user-friendly DC fast charging infrastructure that ensures maximum uptime and supports the company’s revenue-generating strategy of selling green energy.

Finding Effective Charging Solutions with Wallbox

That’s where Wallbox came in! Three Wallbox Supernova 150 kW fast charging stations were strategically selected for their efficiency, scalability, and user-centric design. 

These chargers, deployed across Colruyt Group’s pilot stores in Mechelen, Boom, and Ninove, offer several advantages to consumers:

Time-saving Convenience

With the Supernova’s high-power output, customers can add up to more than 300 kilometers of range to their EVs during a typical half-hour shopping trip. That means 50% of customers will leave the site with a battery that is 80% full. Additionally, charging sessions typically last about 30 minutes, aligning with the average time people spend shopping at Colruyt Group.

User-friendly Design

Equipped with Cable Management systems, the charging points allow easy access to car trunks. Customers can easily unload their shopping caddies, regardless of the vehicle’s parking orientation.

Extensive Network

DATS 24 and Pluginvest are establishing fast charging solutions at over 50 locations nationwide. An initial 50 stores have been identified for the deployment of fast and standard charging solutions, with plans for further expansion

Flexible Payment Options

Customers can pay via charging pass, bank card, or app, providing convenience and flexibility.

Customizable Branding

All Supernova chargers are branded with DATS 24’s recognizable logo, enhancing visibility and brand recognition.

The Outcome

The deployment of Supernova chargers at Colruyt Group’s pilot sites resulted in some major benefits. Each charging location annually facilitates energy for 500,000 km of public transport and reduces consumption by 30,000 liters of conventional fuels, slashing CO2 emissions by 73,000 kg. And that’s not all! The collaboration between Colruyt Group, DATS 24, and Pluginvest underscores their commitment to advancing electric mobility in Belgium.

Pluginvest was the first EV-charging company to install a Wallbox Supernova in Belgium. Since then, we’ve installed more than 20 of these superb fast-charging stations and are planning to install about 100 more in the next year. Its high-performance, user-friendly, and versatile characteristics make the Supernova an exceptional fast-charging option. In addition, the ability to apply full branding to these DC charging stations make it the perfect model for Pluginvest and DATS 24’s needs.

  • Timothy Vispoel, Director Business Development at Pluginvest

We chose the Wallbox Supernova 150 kW fast charging station when rolling out charging facilities at Colruyt Group’s retail car parks because they offer a high degree of convenience to shopping customers. Indeed, the extended charging cables ensure that each car can be parked forward, making the trunk accessible for easy unloading of the shopping caddies into it.

  • Jonas Cautaerts, head of EV Charging at DATS 24