Fact or Fiction? Busting Top 3 Common Myths about EVs

7 minutes

Why Having an EV is Easier than You Think

What are the chances that you’ve found yourself thinking about getting an EV right before you go scouting for a new car? That shouldn’t take you for surprise, Electric vehicles are more common nowadays.

So if you are wondering about Electric vehicles or EVs as they are commonly known, it’s ok, there are many common myths about EVs. Let’s take a look at three popular ones.

#1: Electric vehicles are way too expensive

Improvement has its costs but it also has its benefits. Electric motors run on battery cells. They are the storage and source of power for EVs. With advances in technology the cost of production on lithium battery cells on EVs have fallen around 87% in the last 10 years. This makes building EVs Cheaper and more affordable.

When it comes to comparison to a combustion engine, EVs take the home run. A fully Electric car benefits from free road tax, or government grants in many countries. You can even say an EV will save you more money than a fuel-burning car starting on annual running costs.

If we compare the average running costs of the Hyundai Kona, electric vs. fuel-burning over a year, even though the purchase of EVs is slightly higher than fuel-burning cars, the running cost of the combustion engine surpasses its opponent very quickly and the electric motor car takes the win.


Find out more about how EVs compare to fuel cars.

#2: Electric vehicles won’t catch on and they’re inconvenient to charge

Nowadays electric motor vehicles such as electric cars, electric SUV, electric bikes, and electric motorcycles are becoming more popular day after day. The new trend is electric by all means. That said, it is predicted that by the year 2040, 58 % of all running cars will be electric!

Precisely one of the motivators of this new trend is the increase in charging capabilities and applications. And so you know Wallbox boasts a wide range of home chargers for different models, customers and power supply options. The best part is that they are fast charging and eco-friendly. You can check out Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus, a small smart charger with a user-friendly touch-screen interface, access to the mobile myWallbox app, up to 22 kW of power and even qualifies for the UK government OVEZ grant.

If you live in an apartment, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an EV. You can easily find a charging point, websites like Electromaps.com show you the exact location and availability of charging points near you. And thanks to Commander 2 more employers are able to offer EV charging for employees as a perk and to help lower commuter emissions. Check out all that Wallbox has to offer here !

#3: There are not enough choices of vehicles for me

There should be around over 500 models of EVs available around the world. This opens up the possibility to any type of consumer to find the perfect match. The popularity of Electric vehicles has grown very quickly over the past few years, thanks to a reduction in cost of manufacture and a great improvement in technology.

Very soon we will have many styles of EVs. Having a greater range of models and styles will make EVs more popular than they already are, and make them an even more accessible option for many.

We hope that we were able to bust these three myths about Electric vehicles. There is no wrong way with EVs. They are popular, even more each day, and the battery cells prices are falling. Thanks to government incentives, the time to purchase EVs is now. Choose your best option and make the switch. Go Electric!