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Find your ideal travel destination with the Wallbox music quiz

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Are you a music lover with a desire to explore new places?

Then head over to the Wallbox Instagram where you can take our quiz and uncover your personalized travel recommendations based on your music taste.

Not unlike Wallbox chargers, music has to power to fuel your journey and motivate you to go further than you ever have before. That’s why to celebrate the launch of our Summer miniseries “Relax & Recharge” we have designed a quiz that is inspired by your favourite tracks.

Find your ideal travel destination with the Wallbox music quiz

By answering four simple questions, we uncover your music habits and lead you to a playlist that align with your tastes. Not only that, but you can discover where to travel to next based on what you like to listen to.

Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, as we recommend must-visit destinations across Europe that perfectly match your musical journey. Press play on our Instagram quiz and let the music guide you. Bon voyage!

Already taken the test? Check out your results and complimentary playlist below!

Mostly As

You are passionate and like to take the road less travelled. Your music taste leans towards vibrant beats and bustling rhythms, so may we suggest you check out cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona or Berlin? Press play and immerse yourself in the bustling music scenes, vibrant nightlife, and cultural landmarks these cities have to offer!

Mostly Bs

Your playlist is like you: calm, warm and dreamy. If you like to take to the open road with tranquil tunes and soft melodies, we recommend coastal destinations like the breathtaking Amalfi Coast or the picturesque Greek Islands. Picture pristine beaches, soothing waves, and stunning sunsets – heaven. Would you prefer something a little more green? This playlist would also work perfectly with the natural wonders like the Swiss Alps or the Scottish Highlands. Breathe in fresh air, explore scenic trails, and connect with the beauty of the outdoors.

Mostly Cs

You are thoughtful and nostalgic, with a taste that celebrates the classics. With your natural inclination towards diverse genres and global sounds, we can see you fitting right into the likes of Paris or Prague. Rich in history and art, these two spots are the perfect fit for your eclectic tastes. Get ready to drive towards rich history, art, and music scenes that these vibrant cities have to offer. These tunes will be your ultimate companion on the winding road.

Mostly Ds

Hello wild child. A house and disco addict, a balmy dance festival sounds like the perfect fit for you.  We recommend you head towards destinations renowned for their music festivals, such as Ibiza or Budapest. Wind down after your drive by dancing to the rhythm of the music and experiencing unforgettable live performances.