Working together to make green energy a reality

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Flower Power, Solar Power, and Green Power equal clean electric power: Being sustainable is much more than about being efficient, it is a responsibility to the environment, the economy and of course, to society. Investing in clean energy motivates us to change.

Who is Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration?

Thomas Home & Garden is a large specialized flower shop located in Hasselt, Belgium. They have a very strong interest in the use of clean energy. In order to carry out this objective they have relied on three key companies, Wallbox as a supplier of chargers for electric vehicles, Carbomat as a partner for Wallbox in Belgium, and Smeysters Automations as an installer of Wallbox chargers.

“We have chosen Wallbox because we wanted the charging points to be easily operated by our customers.”

André Thomas, Owner, THGI
Michel Smeysters and André Thomas installing a Wallbox electric vehicle charger
Michel Smeysters and André Thomas installing a Wallbox electric vehicle charger

The Challenge

With the growth and demand for electric vehicles, Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration had the need to offer an EV charger solution to their customers. They needed a solution that could be reliable, user friendly and with a clean energy source. They decided on using Wallbox EV chargers technology and products, and to do so, contacted Smeysters as their installer, and acquired the products from Carbomat, Wallbox’s partner in Belgium.

It’s estimated that by the year 2030 in Belgium, 150 thousand electric recharging points will be required, today there are only a little more than eight thousand. Smeysters is one of the few, if not the only one in the region, that has the capacity to install them.

“There has been a lot of movement in recent days. From 2026, every employer must purchase electric cars. Statistics show that we need about 1000% extra charging stations in our area. I’m also one of the only ones around that does it for now. Cars will run more on electricity. That is, the charging infrastructure must follow suit.”

Michel Smeysters, Smeysters Automations

The Solution

In Thomas Home Garden’s parking area, 14 electric recharging points were installed, of which 10 are the Commander 2 model and 4 are Copper SB model, both models from Wallbox. These electric recharging points are communicated through a network in which they are provided equal amounts of energy, thus improving their performance with the connected vehicles by distributing the energy uniformly in all the stations. The energy of the charging network is measured at any time and dynamically distributed to all chargers due to the Dynamic Power Sharing.

Now Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration can provide customers the possibility to charge their electric vehicles with a user-friendly recharging point without even having to use or carry their own cable with them. Thanks to this ecological charging station installation THGI can optimize their use of solar panels with the Eco-Smart technology.

Wallbox Commander 2 electric vehicle charger
Wallbox charger installed in Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration parking lot

The Outcome

Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration can now offer an EV charging solution to their customers. In the near future they can see this as another source of income by offering the pay per charge service.

After the first week, THGI’s owner, André Thomas, realized that the charging stations were well received by his customers, and he is very satisfied with the collaboration. ”The charging points are easy to operate: the customer does not even have to use their own cable. We are already noticing that people will also stop charging their cars for short stops. “

“We have foreseen our store with 14 charging points to be prepared for the future. We have chosen Wallbox because we wanted the charging points to be easily operated by our customers. With the Wallbox Commander, the customer does not have to use his own cable and I already notice after a week of service that the customers are also going to hook up their car for a short stop.”

André Thomas, Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration

Thomas Home & Garden seized the opportunity to work with Wallbox, and now they are steps ahead of many others. They hope to be an example of just how sustainable companies can be.

Electric charging points for EV in Home Garden
Wallbox Commander 2 chargers in Thomas Home & Garden Inspiration parking lot

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