What’s New in the Second Part of UK Smart Charging Regulation

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What is new in the second part of the UK Smart Charging Regulation?

Following the government initiatives on Electric Vehicle adoption, 2022 ended with the introduction of the second part of the national Smart Charging Regulations.

This second part is focused on ensuring any charge point user is protected against potential threats that could compromise their personal data.

You can find out more about the requirements about the regulations first part in our previous UK Regulation Article, as those measures are still up to date and any charger has to be compliant with them to meet the regulations.

Pulsar Max’s hardware and software have been updated to meet the new requirements and it is already fully compliant

What are the new measures required by the second part of the UK Smart Charging Regulations?

The second part of the regulation adds new requirements to those defined by the first, the new ones can be divided into cybersecurity and anti-tampering compliance.

Cybersecurity compliance

All the charging points will have to comply with the cybersecurity requirements defined as:

  • Ensuring any communication sent by the charger is encrypted.
  • Being able to detect any attempt to install an unauthorised software on the charger and whenever this happens, notifying the user about it.
  • Being able to verify through secure boot the software of the charger matches with the latest authorised software update to ensure it hasn’t been altered. Whenever a mismatch is detected, the charger must be able to notify the owner about this and cut connection with any communication network.

Anti-tampering protection

In addition to cybersecurity compliance, all of the chargers must be equipped with tamper-protection security to protect their internal components. 

A tamper-protected charger must be able to detect unauthorised attempts to manipulate the charger and access its interior and, whenever it detects it, the charger must be able to notify the owner electronically.

What news is there in terms of Wallbox’s portfolio to support these changes?

The second part of the regulations affects all of our portfolio and we’ve taken the actions to ensure a smooth transition towards it.

You can find next, our portfolio updates:

  • Pulsar Max – Revision C. Pulsar Max’s hardware and software have been updated to meet the new requirements and it is already fully compliant and no further actions are required in order to sell it.
  • Pulsar Max – Revision A. Pulsar Max’s previous hardware revision has received an Enforcement Undertaking from OPSS that extends its sales until December 30th 2023. If you are a certified Wallbox partner, you can continue to sell Revision A by getting an Enforcement Undertaking with the request template in the partner portal here.

All Pulsar Max serial numbers from 681782 onwards are Revision C, while any Pulsar Max with a lower serial number than this will be Revision A. 

How will Wallbox support partners and users?

Rest assure that, while some of our previous models might be no longer available in the UK, we will continue to service and support your charger.

If you are a seller and have questions or need support with your compliance measures, our team is here to help. Reach out to your sales representative or contact us at [email protected].

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