Activacar and Wallbox Provide EV Sharing at Hotel School

4 minutos

When Les Roches International School of Hotel Management wanted to implement a sustainable car sharing program at their Marbella campus, we knew just what to do.

The idea

Les Roches is one of the world’s leading hospitality schools with international campuses spanning 3 countries and over 1,500 students. 

Bringing their commitment to sustainability to life, Les Roches decided to implement a car sharing program at their Marbella campus. 

Activacar’s mission is to provide a 100% E-mobility service to companies, hotels, tourist apartments and residential complexes.

As a Wallbox partner and distributor since 2021 and based in nearby Malaga, it made total sense to team up.

Electrifying results

Making use of Activacar’s 10 Mini Cooper EVs and 10 of our own Pulsar Plus chargers, students, teachers and staff at Les Roches can now look to a more sustainable future with 3 key benefits:

  • The university covers the entire car sharing program
  • Students are immediately more in tune with EVs
  • CO2 emissions are down on campus and around the city

“Sustainability and commitment to the environment is nothing new for us. In fact, Les Roches Marbella has a sustainability plan within which actions are contemplated to reduce the carbon footprint , in which we recently included the start-up of electric vehicles within our facilities”

Mano Soler, Director of Les Roches Marbella.