Precision at work: Callum ensuring flawless installations.

Scaling new heights with UK Wallbox installer Callum

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Meet Callum De Silva. An e-charge electrical installer and amateur mountain-climber from the UK, Callum is never afraid to take on new challenges.

The 27-year-old’s passion in life isn’t limited to wiring circuits; it’s about navigating peaks and striking a balance between work and adventure.

Callum De Silva,
Callum helps people across London make the switch to EV technology

Foot in the Door

Callum’s career as an installer began at just 18 when he was hired as an apprentice at a small firm. It was here he learned the tricks of the trade and gained a diverse skill set, meaning no two days were ever the same. “This is the best way for any young person to get into the construction industry,” said Callum. “It is vital you are able to constantly put your skills to practice to stay sharp.” And his hard work soon paid off. Nearly a decade on, Callum has done everything from rewiring homes to working on high-profile office fit-outs.

Making the Switch

“I believe I was also fortunate to have worked for a small firm as it meant I was thrown into the deep end early on and was involved in all aspects of every job rather than being given the role of chief sweeper,” he said.

Callum was still determined to find new challenges and was delighted to get the opportunity to join the e-charge team. “These experiences gave me the confidence to switch over to the EV industry with little need for persuasion, as it was quite obvious to me this is an industry I wanted to learn and become an expert in before everyone else does.”

After noting the expanse of EV adoption and the earning potential EV charging installations could bring, Callum was keen to expand his skills. The rewards, Callum believes, go far beyond financial gains, however. “You meet a ton of good friendly people who show you a ton of appreciation when you go that extra mile to do a good job for them or help solve any questions or problems they may have,” said Callum. “A good example of this would be with the older generation who might not be very tech-savvy. Another reward which can also come out just simply doing a good job and being friendly with people is that you can end up building trust with them which has led to me actually doing some private jobs for them which can be a win-win for the customers as you would be surprised how many people don’t know any good electricians.”

Going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction during an EV charger installation."
Callum is always happy to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction during an EV charger installation with e-charge

Going Green

Beyond his connection with his e-charge customers, Callum also believes in the importance of helping people make steps towards a more sustainable future. “The whole world has slowly but surely started taking action,” he said. “I appreciate my role in making the way we live greener and more sustainable – one EV at a time.”

While Callum admits making the switch to specializing in EV charger installations was a strategic move to learn about the industry before his competitors, Callum promises it is not too late to get involved. “Now’s as good a time as ever to get into this field,” he advises fellow installers. “It certainly looks like electric vehicles are not only just the future but they are rapidly becoming the present.”

Scaling New Heights

Never one to shy away from adventure, Callum’s latest passion has seen him reach new heights beyond wiring circuits. The 27-year-old discovered himself to be a talented mountain climber – and he already has his sights set on conquering Machu Picchu in Peru. “I have always been into fitness and have always had a taste for adventure,” he said. “It keeps me grounded that there is still genuinely more to life than just working and making money.

“There is an entire planet out there with wonderful scenes of nature and that’s something we should truly appreciate. It is great for eliminating stress also because the outdoors like that can be remarkably peaceful and it is the complete opposite of the busy London life that I am used to creating a great balance.

Precision at work: Callum ensuring flawless installations.
Precision at work: Callum ensuring flawless installations.

“I have already had some great times in Wales and Scotland and plan to go and explore much more of the world.”

Far from getting in the way of his hobbies, Callum believes that his skills as an installer only help in making his personal connections stronger. “My professional life as an installer has impacted my personal life as not only are you working on the tools there is a lot of customer service that goes into the job,” he said. “It gives you much better social skills as you are mixing with all types of ages, ethnicities and characters.”

Now that the new year is in full swing, Callum is excited to continue to install Wallbox chargers – and keep his eyes open for fresh challenges.