Spanish Wine Tasting in Latest Wallbox Road Trip Episode

4 minutes

Episode 2 has arrived! From tasting local wines and exploring the lush vineyards, Kirsty asks whether stopping off at future-focused businesses could the best way to make the most of a charging pit-stop. 

One of the oldest wine-making regions in Europe, best known for its sheltered valleys and rolling green hills, El Penedès isn’t often associated with breaking tradition.  

But in Episode 2 of our Relax and Recharge series,  we discover that the area located some 50km inland from Barcelona boasts innovation that goes well beyond cava and wine making. 

As host Kirsty McKenzie arrives at her second stop, she discovers a Wallbox charger now installed at a local winery. Word on the valley is that visits to the area are now even more exciting – and efficient- than ever as local businesses engage with more and more sustainable practices. From solar panels to EV cars, El Penedès proves to be the perfect stop on our electric road trip.

Kirsty discovers that the El Penedès valleys have  a perfect spot for grape-growing - and EV innovation
Kirsty discovers that perfect spot for charging in the El Penedès valleys

At Albet i Noya,  guests can enjoy scenic views and local delicacies as they wait for their cars to charge. Here Kirsty is joined by Nuria Val, a sustainably focussed business woman and young mum, to sample the local wine and explore the lush vineyards.

Together the pair discuss the importance of travel, sustainability and mastering the art of relaxing whilst recharging. 

Watch the full episode below!