Six viral moments that saw people lose control

The art of losing control (and how to get in charge) with Wallbox

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We´ve all dropped the ball – figuratively or literally – at some point in our lives.

A a dramatic fall from grace all brings us the same feelings – the flush of humiliation, the scramble to recover, the muttering of apologise, and sometimes, the shouting of expletives.

Whether you have fumbled a presentation at work, stacked it while running for the bus or toppled down the stairs, we all can testify to the surge of embarrassment that comes along with unexpectedly losing control. And we would do absolutely anything to avoid the shame. 

Unless, of course, we can live these toe-curlingly cringe moments through others instead. A bizarre mix of empathy and schadenfreude means watching others lose control is strangely additive. So it is no surprise #epicfails regularly trend on social media. 

Madonna taking a spill at the Brit Awards was one of the internet’s most viral moments, and who can forget the 1994 image of a singing Diana Ross kicking the ball wide while attempting a penalty midway through a rendition of “I’m Coming Out” at the World Cup.

Still, some of our top “out of control” moments might surprise you. So if you’ve forgotten what happened when Kim Kardashian took a dip in the ocean or you just feel like a trip down viral memory lane, then allow us to be your guide. In celebration of our latest campaign “Get in Charge” we wanted to poke fun at the times when things did not go quite according to plan. 

Here are some of the best viral mistakes of all time, the videos we can’t help but click on, the fails and tales that continue to set the internet alight. 

“Taylor imma let you finish”

We love watching a swanky award ceremony here at Wallbox. This one, however, was a little bit different. The 2009 VMAs started off in standard fashion – sequin-clad celebs and star-studded performances. But the moment Taylor Swift claimed victory in the Best Female Video category for “You Belong With Me,” beating out Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” we were in for a major surprise. Kanye West stormed the stage in the middle of the popstar´s acceptance speech, swiping the microphone from Swift and announcing that Queen B was the rightful winner of the award. We can’t help but wonder who felt more out of control at the time, Kanye or Taylor? Votes on a postcard, please. 

When Alison Hammond made a splash 

Daytime-TV fans went wild for this video footage of presenter Alison Hammond pushing an unsuspecting “sailor” overboard. The This Morning host was presenting the weather on top of a floating map when she toppled over and let one of her hunky assistants take the fall for her – dramatically shoving him straight into the Albert Dock. 

If you’re not a fan of water then you might want to look away now…

The BBC interview gatecrashed by kids

Working from home always has its challenges, particularly when children are involved. And no one knows this better than Professor Robert Kelly who´s kids gatecrashed his interview on BBC news when he was midway through discussing South Korean politics. 

The hilariously moment instantly blew up online, gathering millions of views. The chaotic scene of his wife Jung-a Kim bursting into the room and grabbing hold of the two young kids will continue to be one of the internet’s greatest moments. 

Kim loses her diamond earring 

We’ve all been there, so incensed by a mistake we made that there is nothing to do but turn on the waterworks.  Kim Kardashian did just that in Bora Bora when her $75K diamond earring fell into the ocean, and her reaction was met with an, ahem, interesting response.  The phrase  “Kim there’s people that are dying” is forever etched into our minds. 

When Beyonce ruined Christmas

It’s not often we write about Beyonce here at Wallbox HQ. But when we were asked to come up with our favourite out of control moments, we just had to mention Queen B (again!). The irony that the Flawless star comes up twice on our out of control list is not lost on us, since Beyonce is known for being a world-class perfectionist. But who could forget the time Queen Bey really messed up — and, in the words of one bystander, “ruined Christmas”? Lucky for us, the whole thing was caught on camera by Ashton Kutcher and Co. for a 2003 Christmas Punk’d episode where Beyonce is invited to a charity Christmas fundraiser for children and is then tricked into thinking she’s knocked down the giant Christmas tree, thereby wrecking the whole event. Is it any surprise she looked completely devastated? 

John Travolta mispronounces Idina Menzel

This is one we can all relate to. Who among us doesn’t know the blood-draining panic of forgetting someone’s name – or even worse – getting it entirely wrong. Despite winning our hearts with epic appearances in Greece and Hairspray, we´re not sure John will ever recover from his mortifying performance at the 2014 Oscars when he butchered the pronunciation of Idina Menzel´s name. In the incredible gaff he announced her as “Adele Dazeem”, triggering a pop culture firestorm on social media.

As we have seen in the moments above there will always be times where we lose control. But luckily Wallbox gives you the solutions to do energy your way. With Wallbox you can always be in charge, no matter how your day goes.

Stay tuned to find out how Wallbox will help you get in charge, even when the world feels out of control!