Wallbox Powers Up Wyndham Hotels in Irving, Texas

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Aspen Woods and Wallbox have previously partnered on EV charging projects, however, a recent opportunity with Wyndham Hotels in Irving, Texas proved to be special. The Wyndham property in Irving was looking for an easy-to-install and durable EV charging solution that would attract more EV-driving customers.

Working with Aspen Woods, the team at Wyndham brainstormed ideas for incentives to appeal to EV customers and came to conclude that the Wallbox Pulsar Plus was the right solution for their needs. In addition to the ease of installation and use of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, the Wyndham team was also drawn to the software solutions offered by Wallbox, specifically the ease of use and charger management features.

An Easy-to-Install EV Charging Solution to Attract More EV-Driving Customers

That the chargers also offer powerful features for a relatively low investment cost also helped make the decision to go with Wallbox an easy one.

The Challenge

The main objective for Wyndham was to introduce EV charging services to attract EV-driving guests to their property. Demandproperty  Demand for overnight EV charging in the Irving area is high, while the supply has been challenging.

There are no other EV chargers within a five-mile radius of the Wyndham in Irving. The Wyndham team in Irving knew they wanted to add EV chargers, but they needed the right charger and the right software solution. They also require flexibility to grow their EV charging infrastructure without committing to a specific service or platform.

The Solution

Working with Aspen Woods, the Wyndham Irving team selected the Wallbox Pulsar Plus as the best solution for their needs now and in the future. Starting with a two-charger installation, the hotel has the ability to add more chargers and grow their support for EVs as demand increases. The myWallbox software platform allows easy authorized guest use of the chargers and allows for future growth as more chargers are installed.

Aspen Woods Group Inc. offers a full-turn key solution for customers, and this was something that the Wyndham Hotel in Las Colinas was after. The hotel owner was looking for a company that would carry out a site assessment, and provide the right solution and installation, coupled with Wallbox’s intuitive software.

The Result

Apart from having a simple, yet powerful charging solution for their customers, the Wyndham team also benefited from the support Wallbox and Aspen Woods offered, setting them up for future success. Aspen Woods and Wallbox provided all the necessary training and materials needed to ensure the Wyndham team in Irving is ready to welcome their EV-driving guests and provide them with fast and easy charging.