Pulsar Plus US Multi-unit Installation

Wallbox and COIL Electric power up to create charging solutions in San Francisco

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We teamed up with COIL Electric to help bring EV charging solutions to the residents of 2164 Hyde Street in San Francisco, California.

Located just a block away from San Francisco’s famous “Crookedest Street in the World”, the Hyde Street “building” is actually composed of multiple separate structures, with multiple garages, parking areas, and entrances on three separate levels. The homeowner’s association was receiving an increasing number of requests from owners for installation of EV chargers with no signs of slowing down.

What was the challenge we needed to overcome? To install chargers that would meet the needs of both the tenants and the HOA.

And at Wallbox we love to find creative solutions, so the technical team from Wallbox joined forces with COIL Electric to install Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A.

164 Hyde Street in San Francisco, California

The Solution

With Wallbox Power Sharing allowing up to 25 chargers to connect to a single circuit and with central changer management possible via the myWallbox app, Pulsar Plus met all of the primary selection criteria established by the HOA. “Wallbox met all the needs that this property was looking for,” said Suz Jonhson, senior account executive with COIL. “(Pulsar Plus offers) high charging capabilities, power sharing, Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with all EVs, flat rate billing, and a sleek, small design that fits in all of the diverse parking spaces at the property.”

The Results

COIL installed and networked 16 Pulsar Plus chargers, providing charging for each parking space in the three-level garage. Additionally, COIL upgraded the building’s existing 100 Amp panel and installed an additional 200 Amp panel to accommodate the new chargers. With Power Sharing built into every Pulsar Plus, all chargers were networked to ensure power delivery is balanced to each connected EV. This future-proof solution allows all current and future tenants access to EV charging without the need for additional installation or equipment.