Wallbox and Get Charging Enhance EV Charging in Business

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At Wallbox, we are fully committed to the adoption of electric vehicles and green energy use. To carry this mission forward, we work alongside the best electric vehicle charging installation experts to connect businesses worldwide with the right charging solutions. 

Recently, we partnered with Get Charging in the UK to move towards a more sustainable future. Get Charging helped install a cost-effective, versatile, and aesthetic EV charging solution for Queensberry Design Ltd. parking without interrupting their daily office operations. The bar was set high, but joining forces with Get Charging, we faced this new challenge.

The idea

To help Queensberry Design Ltd. swiftly transition to clean energy transportation and reduce its carbon footprint.

We joined forces with Get Charging, a leading EV charge point supply and installation specialist in the UK, to provide an aesthetic and reliable charging solution and a carefully-assessed installation service. An ideal combination to decrease costs and generate minimal impact on the daily office operations of this multi-disciplined design consultancy.

This collaboration demonstrates how beneficial and subdued setting up an EV charging site can be for businesses in the UK. A significant step forward in promoting e-mobility for companies nationwide. 

The results

We did it! Thanks to Get Charging high quality customer service, we installed Copper SB, a reliable and easy-to-use electric vehicle charging solution in Queensberry Design’s commercial parking, respecting the active office environment and meeting the proposed schedule. 

Additionally, thanks to Get Charging’s detail-intensive assessment, we improved efficiency and maximised savings. In total, Get Charging could install five instead of the three initially proposed charging points, only increasing operations costs by a mere 13%. 

Copper SB, was the ideal socketed charging solution for Queensberry Design. It combines elegant design and versatility to deliver the best EV charging experience. In addition, it works cohesively with the myWallbox platform to offer various functions to control charger status and energy consumption. 

A positive step

This operation paved the road for Queensberry Design Ltd. to move towards a greener and more sustainable future. It has also encouraged its employees to go electric. Great news! Because as more drivers make the switch from fuel dependency to clean energy use, carbon emissions will significantly shrink. In fact, every electric vehicle could help reduce 31,27 tons of CO2 during its lifetime while covering a total distance of 240,000 kilometres. 

Along with our reliable partners like Get Charging, we want to encourage more businesses in the UK to reduce their carbon emissions by making EV charging solutions easy and accessible for companies worldwide.