Wallbox and Seal Solar Provide EV Charging in Arkansas

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Arkansas’s abundant spaces and epic vistas, with rugged terrain encompassing mountains, caves, rivers and hot springs, make for a stunning roadside companion. Just not in an electric car. 

This time last year there was almost no place to plug in. Residents from North Little Rock had to plan journeys and travel the long stretches between communities to find a charger. Those who lived inside the gated community at Vue Apartments on Riverfront had no way to charge their EVs overnight and instead had to rely on plotting trips to and from public charging stations.

A sustainable solution

Vue Apartments problem is exactly the kind that Seal Solar tries to solve. 

“Seal Solar has been pushing and reaching out to multi-unit dwellings, as these will be crucial areas where charging will be needed as more EVs hit the road in Arkansas,” said Chris, Seal Solar’s EV charging project manager. 

Vue Apartments received 20, 48 Amp Wallbox Pulsar Plus’ and 10 Power Meters.

Once Seal Solar received a signed contract from the Vue Apartments, they ordered 20, 48 Amp Wallbox Pulsar Plus’ and 10 Power Meters. Then they began construction and installation of the EVSE. 

A pioneering project

“Wallbox is our electrician’s favorite charger/pedestal we’ve installed to date, due to ease of install,” said Chris. 

“The Vue Apartment residents are already utilizing the 2 Wallbox chargers and will hopefully have more options in the near future.”

He added: “ I am very happy with how the final product came out, and how the Wallbox team has worked with us on this project. I believe this was a step in the right direction for the Vue Apartments, Seal Solar, and Arkansas as a whole moving towards equitable EV charging.”