Wallbox Case study Tambour -Schnapp EV

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We allied with Schnapp EV to help Tambour decrease costs and fuel dependency.

Tambour wanted to turn its fleet losses into savings. Great idea! We joined forces with SchnappEV to help sustain their EV fleet expansion and generate large-scale savings.

The idea

More than 85% of Tambour’s 240 vehicles are hybrid, plug-in, or fully electric! Only an efficient and reliable EV charging system could help manage and sustain such a large fleet. 

That sounds like a challenge for Wallbox! We combined our compact and powerful chargers with Schnapp’s 70 years of expertise in charging solutions, professional services, and wide availability to deliver optimal results! 

Tambour optimized its operations and substantially decreased costs in fuel dependency

Israel has increased its use of fully electric vehicles from 13% in 2019 to 42% in 2021. Our alliance with one of the leading EV battery manufacturers and distributors worldwide will encourage more companies to make an affordable transition to clean energy— and keep Israel’s green transportation levels soaring. 

The results

Our joint efforts with Schnapp helped us set up EV charging solutions fully-equipped with a user-friendly interface and advanced features such as face recognition, security, and remote control. As a result, Tambour optimized its operations and substantially decreased costs in fuel dependency. All of this while lowering its CO2 emissions!

Aviran Bohbout, Tambour’s vehicle fleet manager, was glad to see the great benefits of this collaborative venture. Schnapp EV started as a means to save on fuel costs but quickly took momentum and reached new heights. “The company’s fleet is usually an expense, not a source of income. Transitioning to EVs allows me to contribute to the organization’s savings. The figures are very clear,” he notes.

Thanks to this strategic alliance, Tambour will keep paving the way for long-term environmental awareness and green thinking while generating large savings. Each electric car in its fleet will be able to cover an average of 40,000 kilometers yearly at the expense of NIS 4,000! A vast contrast to the NIS 28,800 it would have to pay annually to fuel each gasoline car.

We want to encourage more businesses in Israel to switch to green energy by making EV charging solution savings accessible for more companies nationwide!