Wallbox, EAVE & Domingo Alonso: Changing energy consumption

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As time goes by, the world changes, and so do we. Renewable and sustainable energy systems are here to stay, and Wallbox, EAVE and Domingo Alonso are all working together to make this possible in the Canary Islands.

Who is the Domingo Alonso Group? 

The Domingo Alonso Group is a family business group originally from the Canary Islands, with more than 80 years of experience and currently operating in 35 countries. DAG works with EAVE to distribute EV cars and Wallbox chargers in the Canary Islands. DAG specifically imports and distributes Volkswagen, SKODA, Audi and Ducati brands to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar, as well as Hyundai to the Canary Islands. Their mission is to offer the most innovative and sustainable mobility experience to their customers, increasingly oriented to electric vehicles.

EAVE is a company that was conceived out of the need to change our current way of energy consumption. An energy transition to a more sustainable world is here to stay. Therefore, they work with customers who want to join this energy transition, making it easier and more accessible. They are committed to simplifying the access to charging points for public companies like Wallbox, being the official dealer and installer for the Canary Islands. 

What is the Challenge?

Customer preferences, concerns and interests have changed and evolved in recent years. Nowadays the market is way more sustainable, and increasingly looking for greener options such as electric and hybrid vehicles. This sustainable approach is one of the most relevant aspects of current mobility trends, which are growing significantly in the Canary Islands market.

As the interest in electric and hybrid vehicles increases, doubts arise from customers about different issues regarding this new type of vehicle. One of the most frequent questions that Domingo Alonso Group detected from customers was regarding the vehicle’s charging system and charging points whether it be at home or in public areas, as well as the accessories needed to charge the vehicle. They wanted to resolve these doubts within the dealerships. Here is where Wallbox comes in. 

hyundai ioniq 5 EV charging with wallbox commander 2
A Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV charging with a Wallbox Commander 2 charger in the car dealership.

What is the Solution?

After analyzing the current situation regarding the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, connections were established with the dealers through Wallbox. By doing so, it became possible to provide a solution to the charging systems for electric vehicles with an efficient, simple, aesthetic and innovative product such as Wallbox chargers.

“The collaboration with EAVE as a partner in the distribution of Wallbox charging points is key for the correct deployment of the brand’s electrification strategy. The relationship between EAVE and Domingo Alonso Group has been positive and flexible, always looking for the best charging solutions for our customers and dealers using Wallbox as a reference “.

David Formoso, E-mobility manager Domingo Alonso Group
hyundai ioniq 5 wallbox commander 2
Close up of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 plugged into the Wallbox Commander 2 charger at a car dealership in the Canary Islands.

What is the Outcome?

The alliance with Wallbox has also brought various benefits for EAVE, such as being the exclusive distributor of the brand for the Canary Islands and the only authorized installer – EAVE has become the trusted supplier and installer for vehicle importers such as Domingo Alonso Group and different dealers in the islands such as Orvecame, Automotor Canarias, Rahn, etc.

This is excellent news for Wallbox, as it will be able to reach a market share of just over 25% of the Canary Islands market. The deal with DAG includes the purchase of the Pulsar and Pulsar Plus models in order to be able to offer and satisfy customers with at least two options in charging systems for electric vehicles. Giving them options, we expect to ease the transition to the electric vehicle. DAG wants to offer customers the most innovative and sustainable mobility experience possible, and by working with Wallbox this is now a reality.

As customers’ interest and demands increase, more models and developments can be made. That will lead to more options, platforms and partnerships. Wallbox is growing at a rapid pace and these agreements are just the beginning of a new era, an era of development, a new era in mobility.

Contact us to discover how Wallbox can work together with your company on your path to electrification.

Interior Hyundai Ioniq 5 wallbox
Interior of the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s Wide-screen digital cockpit