Wallbox Launches New Products at Fully Charged & IAA 2021

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Abstractly speaking, our dream is to use clean energy to change the world, and tell our story about how we plan to do it. In a practical manner, we are fortunate that there are important international events that make this possible, and continue to ensure that we will not give up on a clean future.

Recently, we participated in “IAA Mobility Munich 2021″ and “Fully Charged“. Each of these international trade fairs allowed us to address different sectors and learn about what lies ahead in an industry in constant change towards energy efficiency.

IAA Mobility – Munich 2021

IAA Mobility took place in Munich from September 7th to 12th. The fair supports the idea that automobiles and their drivers are always at the center of global mobility. This was the starting point and the core of IAA Mobility, but it is no longer the only player.

IAA Mobility opened for all of those future-oriented people and those interested in sustainable mobility. All of the participants were invited to help shape tomorrow’s mobility.

Fully Charged – Farnborough, England

Wallbox took part in Fully Charged in England from September 3rd to 5th. Fully Charged is the n° 1 consumer channel for clean energy technologies and electric vehicles. In this three day event they showcased outdoor exhibits and attractions like electrified vehicles of all shapes & sizes, exhibitors of clean energy & electric vehicle related technologies, and more!


Clean energy is the only way, but we talked about so much more than that

For IAA Mobility we designed a stand in which we presented various products and features. Some of the products we displayed and talked about were the Pulsar Plus Black, Pulsar Plus White, Copper SB, Commander 2, Quasar and our fast chargers: Supernova and Hypernova.

We are proud of our speakers and their participation at IAA Mobility. Wallbox’s CEO, Enric Asunción and Chief Product Officer, Eduard Castañeda, talked to the press & media in order to introduce our two new Public Charging Solutions: Supernova and Hypernova.

Barcelona and Wallbox: Masterclass about how to Scale the Public Charging Infrastructure

Bárbara Calixto, CMO, and Janet Sanz, the Second Deputy Mayor’s Office Ecology, Urban Planning, Infrastructures and Mobility from the Barcelona City Council, presented the Masterclass “Barcelona and Wallbox: How to scale the Public Charging Infrastructure”. 

This Masterclass was to discuss public charging infrastructure, and come up with efficient solutions for drivers. We also talked about Barcelona’s plan for e-mobility and how our products can help with public and semi-public charging solutions.

During the Masterclass, we introduced the concept of “Fast EV Charging” with “Supernova”, our 60 kW DC Fast Charger. Supernova is ideal for public charging in urban or interurban locations. It can add 100 km of range in under 15 minutes.

And last but not least Edu Castañeda was part of the Digital Panelist Session “Charging the Future – EV Infrastructure towards 2030” organized by BCG & IAA.

We also presented Hypernova, the ultra-fast charger that completes our portfolio of public charging solutions, for those who need an extra boost. With up to 350 KW it can fully charge an EV in less than 15 min, making it ideal for charging locations aimed at long distance travelling.


Exciting New Features for our Products

One of our features presented is the Power Boost, a mono-phase power meter. It was born to enhance the charger’s intelligence with our dynamic load management solution to avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills.

We also presented Eco-Smart. It is a power meter connected to the Wallbox App that lets you use the green energy generated from your solar panels or wind turbines at home to charge your EV in the most efficient and sustainable way.

The use of renewable energies such as solar energy in electric car batteries is a further step for electric motors to help optimize their charging sources and make a positive impact on the energy markets.

Two more payment method features were also presented: the Pay per charge function that allows users to access and pay for their business’s charging services on the myWallbox app. Users just need to scan the charger’s QR code. And if they rather make charging quicker and simpler in one easy payment, we also presented Pay per month. With a personal myWallbox app account, you will be charged for the total month’s sessions directly to your account.

Finally, we talked about the Dynamic Power Sharing function which improves charging infrastructure with our dynamic load management solution for business. It measures your building’s energy use in real time and adjusts and equally distributes the charge to the multiple EVs connected to the local grid, lowering your energy bill costs.

V2G: Creating the grid of the future

At Fully Charged UK we designed a different stand to present some of our products and features.


Our VP of product David García hosted a panelist session about V2G: Creating the grid of the future session. We had the opportunity to present some of our products like: Pulsar Plus Black Earth Detection, Pulsar Plus White, Copper SB, Commander 2, and Quasar. We talked about features such as Power Boost, Eco-Smart, Pay per charge, Dynamic Power Sharing and Ipads using myWallbox Portal as user management, charging and session tariffs. 

Sustainability is to Future as Mobility is to Electric vehicle

The mobility of the future can take many forms, and we know that we will adapt to each and every one of them. Because what inspires us is a future focused on sustainability and respect for a carbon-free environment.

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