Wallbox Partners with Ecoplex for Mazda’s EV Launch in Ireland

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We´re Wallbox. We have been busy building the future for smarter, simpler energy solutions. We know that a switch to greener energy sources is core to ensuring ecological transition – which is why we love to team up with the best company´s across the world to achieve our goals. 

Recently we partnered with Ecoplex to help launch the MX-30, Mazda’s new, fully electric vehicle, in Ireland. 

Mazda has big plans for electric vehicle success over the coming years.  To help power the world in a better way, they needed a reliable, easy to use, and hassle free home charger and installation service to create the best EV driving experience for their customers. Sounds like a mission for Wallbox!

The idea

To help Mazda switch gears and make a swift and sustainable transition into the electric vehicle market. 

We combined Wallbox’s compact but powerful chargers with Ecoplex’s expertise in renewable energy and installations. We knew this would meet the charging needs of the Mazda drivers in Ireland as well as producing minimal CO2 levels.

Joining forces with EcoPlex, a prominent renewable energy company dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs,  we were able to create an attractive and sustainable charging solution for Mazda.  This is a significant milestone for both companies and the collaboration has helped demonstrate further the importance of a smart home charger in assisting in the smooth transition to e-mobility.

The results

We did it! Together, we helped set up a powerful electric vehicle solution to meet current market demand in Ireland with minimal environmental impact. 

We provided one of the lightest, smallest, fast-charging  solutions, manufactured with low CO2 emissions and scarce raw materials. Together with Ecoplex, we distributed educational point of sale material and dummy units across all of the Mazda dealerships in Ireland to promote the offer.

Thanks to Ecoplex’s excellent customer service, we could install Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus charger compatible with the MX-30, Mazda’s first fully electric vehicle in the Irish market! 

Pulsar Plus is also compatible with Wallbox’s Eco-Smart solution which means drivers will also be able to take full advantage of their green energy surplus and charge Mazda’s MX-30 with power from either their solar panels or wind turbines.

Our solutions will help optimise the charging time and costs for MX-30’s compact but powerful 35.5kW battery. Allowing drivers to fully charge from the convenience of their homes and cover up to 200km, four times the daily European driving distance!

What do our partners say?

Richard Sheridan, Managing Director of Ecoplex is proud to be part of one of the leading companies in Ireland for EV car charger installations and to form an alliance with Wallbox.

He said:  “The partnership between Ecoplex Energy Solutions and Mazda Ireland has further demonstrated our skills and experience for Mazda drivers. After the decision of purchasing a new EV, Ecoplex took care of the installation process by providing qualification of the property, hassle free interaction with our team and finalizing the installation of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus on the Mazda drivers’ homes. A popular comment from our customers is “I wasn’t expecting the process to be this easy!”

Mazda is delighted to provide a reliable, top quality and fun to drive vehicle. But those owners then need to charge that vehicle, and having a home charger is the most cost effective and reliable solution. 

“Working with Wallbox and Ecoplex allowed us to facilitate that side of the EV ownership for the customer,” said David Bannon, PR, Dealer Marketing & Product Pricing in Mazda. “A reliable and top quality charger is just as important as the vehicle, and an easy installation process is crucial for a stress free experience. Both partners have extended this experience to all our EV customers.”

We look forward to powering more journeys as Mazda continues to broaden its range of BEVs and PHEVs in Ireland over the coming years.