Quasar 2 to be sold in Europe later this year thanks to Wallbox and CUPRA

Wallbox’s Achievements: Inspiring Milestones in Sustainable Energy

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As we hit the 2023 halfway (seriously, where has the time gone?) we thought this was a great opportunity to reflect on all the exciting opportunities and achievements that have shaped the Wallbox journey so far this year. From receiving prestigious awards to participating in major industry events and expanding into new markets, here are the highlights from our dynamic last few months.  

Quasar 2: Empowering EV Owners

For us, ‘close enough’ is never good enough. That’s why we wanted to advance bidirectional charging beyond just the test phase and pilots and bring this exciting technology into homes and businesses worldwide.

At Wallbox, we are always striving to demonstrate the true power of energy and how we are leading the change by providing people with the necessary technology to positively impact the environment and their lives.

That’s why Power2Drive was the perfect stage for us to showcase Quasar 2, our hero product. Through exciting demos and buzz-worthy talks, we were delighted to introduce Quasar 2 to the world.  Our first CSS bidirectional charger is a symbol of transformation, but it’s also a tool for change. 

Quasar 2 represents the future of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, offering EV owners unprecedented control over their energy usage. Designed to enable EV owners to charge and discharge their vehicles, Quasar 2 empowers them to power their homes or contribute to the grid. It’s a way for us to take control of our energy and positively impact the world around us. Take a look at our recap video below and see the highlights from Power2Drive for yourself! 

Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award

Wallbox proudly received the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award for our groundbreaking product, Quasar 2. This esteemed recognition celebrates sustainable designs, innovative products, and transformative initiatives that are revolutionizing the way we live and work. Quasar 2 was awarded “Honorable Mention” in the “Rapid Response” category. This accolade underscores our commitment to driving a greener and more sustainable future.

Smarter E Award

In addition to the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, Wallbox’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has been acknowledged in various ways. Our energy management software, SIRIUS, received the Smarter E Award, affirming its role as an intelligent system for efficiently distributing energy resources such as EVs, bidirectional chargers, and solar panels. These innovative solutions substantially reduce electricity costs and increase the share of renewable energy in overall consumption.

Expansion and Market Engagements

Wallbox continued to expand its reach and engage with global markets during Q2. Our APAC team participated in the Future Mobility Asia event in Thailand, in collaboration with local partners. This B2B event in the mobility sector allowed us to showcase our business charging and energy solutions, as well as connect with local dealers and installers. Additionally, we had successful product launches, including Supernova in LATAM and Greece, where our partners Armet and DEI BLUE collaborated to electrify the route from Crete to Alexandroupolis with 60 Supernova charging points.

Big hitters: Industry Events and Sponsorships

Throughout Q2, Wallbox actively participated in several industry events and solidified partnerships. We were present at autoshows such as Feria Movilidad Eléctrica ASOMOVE in Costa Rica, Feria Expomotor in Colombia,  Auto 2023  in Latvia, Estonia Auto Fair, E-motorshow in Beirut, Autotal Business Show. in Romania, and E-Mobility show in Budapest, Hungary. In Spain, we had the honor of being official Electromobility Partners at Automobile in Barcelona as well as official sponsors at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell / 70º Trofeo Conde de God.

The luminous orange surface was the perfect backdrop for Wallbox’s latest campaign video to play on loop on the screens spread across the arena. The footage sprung to life above the players’ heads as they sipped on water and contemplated the next game under the temporary relief of an umbrella. While the athletes recharged, Wallbox fueled their next moves. Check out the video below!