Teaming Up with emovili to Help Santander Bank Reduce CO2

4 minutes

Santander Bank gave us a challenge to encourage our car rental customers to go electric!

And at Wallbox we love a good challenge, so we partnered with emovili to create a solution together.

The idea

To facilitate the installation of charging solutions for all Santander car rental customers residing in Spain, combining Wallbox’s chargers and software solutions with emovili’s cutting edge service and know-how. 

Signing an agreement with such an important and global entity is undoubtedly a true milestone for both companies.

The results are outstanding!

This agreement has contributed to reducing CO2 emissions, and mitigating the impact  on the environment. 

emovili has already installed 208 Wallbox chargers.

More to come! 

Our goal is to reach a total of 750 installations in the next two years. This would prevent a total of 1,500 tons of CO2 per year from being released into the atmosphere.

“To make sustainable mobility a mass movement that impacts the entire society, simple, accessible, and safe solutions are needed. The solution is at our fingertips; it is a matter of taking the step forward”.

Francisco Casas, CEO emovili.