Wallbox, Hyundai Motor Deutschland‘s GmbH new partner

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Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH has partnered with Wallbox to make it easier for their customers to switch from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles and thus enter the new era of e-mobility.

Hyundai-IONIQ-5-Electric-Vehicle-with Wallbox-charger
Hyundai IONIQ 5 Electric Vehicle with Wallbox charger

Who is Hyundai?

Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-Yung. Since 1991, the company has also been selling vehicles in Germany. In the meantime, Hyundai Motor Germany has become the most successful Asian automobile importer in Germany.

When you think about Hyundai you immediately think of an attractive design, quality, high-level driving, innovation and alternative driving systems.

Hyundai is guided by fundamental company values and a responsibility to society. The company does not only want to be perceived only as an innovative automaker, but also to be a reliable partner for their customers.

The Challenge

Hyundai is pursuing the goal of Climate Neutrality and plans to stop selling combustion engine vehicles in Europe by 2035. Hyundai and Wallbox work together for an emission-free future, to enable Hyundai dealers to offer Wallbox chargers to their customers.

To do this, Hyundai dealers need information and training on how the chargers work and the benefits for users and owners of this innovative technology.

The Solution

Hyundai places great emphasis on sustainability and is currently working on an integrated, multi-dimensional strategy to achieve Climate Neutrality, which is based on three pillars: Clean Mobility, Next Generation Platforms and Green Energy.

The Hyundai dealerships will have integrated Wallbox mockups on an e-wall in their showrooms in order to generate interest and customer demand.

The Pulsar Plus from Wallbox features the Hyundai logo

Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus makes the charging experience very simple. It has an integrated charging cable and up to 22 kW power, Wi-Fi and DC leakage protection and is available for local load balancing. Wallbox chargers work as simply as “Plug in and Charge”. Users don’t have to worry about anything else.

The Outcome

Hyundai is a pioneer in the field of zero-emission mobility and offers one of the broadest range of electrified products on the the market. For this reason Hyundai customers want user-friendly and uncomplicated charging solutions, where they can drive home, plug in their car and start the next morning fully charged. That’s how easy it should be to integrate electric mobility into the everyday lives of Hyundai customers.

“By cooperating with Wallbox Chargers, we were able to offer Hyundai customers state of-the-art charging solutions that meet customers needs [and can be ordered easily online]”

Thomas Kiwus, Head of Department Parts & Accessories.

Wallbox’s multiple products complement Hyundai’s vision for the future, offering worry-free installation packages. Trained and certified installers will set up the chargers at the customer’s home and answer any questions.

And with Wallbox’s growth plans, soon there will be more public charging stations that are safe, modern, fast user-friendly and accessible to Hyundai drivers. Together, Hyundai and Wallbox are on a quest for new, better mobility solutions including greener lifestyles in line with the company’s vision of “Progress for Humanity.” This is one approach on the way to a climate-neutral future for the company and shows what is possible.

Hyundai dealership with IONIQ 5 EV on display

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