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    Media Spokespeople

    Enric Asunción

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Enric Asunción is Chief Executive Officer of Wallbox. His experience in the electromobility sector and his vision for the future led him to create Wallbox. Enric believes that the adoption of EVs and the production and consumption of renewable energy are two trends that will merge in the coming years, leading to a shift in the way that energy is generated and stored around the world. 

    Eduard Castañeda

    Founder and Chief Product Officer

    Eduard Castañeda is Chief Product Officer of Wallbox. His knowledge of engineering, combined with his experience in robotics, his vision of electromobility and the challenges faced in breaking barriers at the global level, have led Eduard to develop unique, award-winning products, such as the Quasar (received a Best of CES award in 2020), as well as products that will change public charging, such as the Supernova.

    Jordi Lainz

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jordi Lainz is Chief Financial Officer of Wallbox, and is responsible for creating the company’s financial strategy, which includes financial planning, risk management and compliance, closing of funding rounds, and investor relations.

    Bárbara Calixto

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Bárbara Calixto is Wallbox’s Chief Marketing Officer. With an international career and experience in both large corporations and start-ups, Bárbara has been dedicated to the technology sector for the past 10 years, making her experienced in new product launches, brand development, international business expansion and external communication.

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