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When MG’s flagship dealership in Paris wanted to simplify the EV buying experience for customers, it turned to Wallbox to help execute an end-to-end solution.

Who is MG Brandstore Paris?

In 2017, global car manufacturer MG launched the MG ZS EV, a truly affordable, family-friendly electric car. As the company’s first electric model, the MG ZS EV represented an exciting new chapter for this iconic brand. Just three years later, the company opened its first flagship store in France, entirely focused on EVs. MG Brandstore Paris is a dealership dedicated to making zero-emission driving a reality for families across the country.

MG Brandstore Paris


Combining classic style with a modern approach to customer service, MG Brandstore Paris was designed to support customers in all aspects of their EV purchase. Yet, the company found that the most pressing concern for customers wasn’t about the car—it was about charging. In this relatively new market, EV charging was still a major barrier for potential buyers. “Their first questions are really about how they will charge, where they will charge, and so on,”said Jean-Marie Mesellaty, Director of Sales at MG Brandstore Paris.

“They are more concerned about how they are going to charge than how we’re going to deliver the car. That’s why it’s so important.”

Jean-Marie Mesellaty, Director of Sales at MG Brandstore Paris


MG Brandstore Paris began searching for a residential charging partner to help execute a 360° solution. The dealership was first drawn to Wallbox’s respected image and global footprint, which covers over 50 countries. Wallbox’s known dedication to innovation and design aligned well with MG Brandstore Paris’ own values.

After testing the technology and assessing Wallbox’s support and service capabilities, MG Brandstore Paris decided to offer its customers the Pulsar Plus—Wallbox’s best-selling charger. With the purchase of an MG ZS EV, customers would now receive the Pulsar Plus with installation, free of charge.“We want to support customers in their life and in owning a car, without any problems. The Pulsar Plus is the right product for that and Wallbox is the right kind of partner,” said Jean-Marie Mesellaty, “They’re well-known and reliable.”

MG ZS EV and Pulsar Plus deliver the ideal EV experience

Innovation Meets Design

With its compact size, advanced connectivity, and customer-centric design, the Pulsar Plus was well-suited to MG Brandstore Paris’ customers. “Customers want something that works well but also looks good,” said Jean-Marie Mesellaty.

“The Pulsar Plus is a charger they can picture in their homes, and more importantly it’s a charger they can picture themselves using every day.”

Jean-Marie Mesellaty, Director of Sales at MG Brandstore Paris

Wallbox was able to match the style and quality that customers already expected of MG, making for the ideal EV package.

Exceptional Customer Service

“Above all,” Jean-Marie Mesellaty said, “I really wanted a high level of support for our customers. They need service and support and I knew Wallbox could deliver this.”

From pre-sales to installation to after-sales support, Wallbox’s dedicated team was able to execute MG Brandstore Paris’ vision for a simple end-to-end experience long after customers leave the showroom. In this regard, MG Brandstore Paris saw Wallbox as a standout from competitors. “Others didn’t have that responsiveness, and I liked Wallbox’s commitment to the customer.”

Sales and Marketing Support

Wallbox’s marketing team worked closely with MG Brandstore Paris to create materials that would support the sales team. The dealership was outfitted with roller banners, pamphlets and display stands—and teams could access the myWallbox app to demonstrate connectivity and other functionalities.

These materials, said Jean-Marie Mesellaty, are “a real point of reference for our sales associates. When customers ask questions, we have all the tools we need to deliver the best answer.”


Over 100 new customers in the first month of partnership.

In just the first month of partnership, MG Brandstore Paris equipped over 100 customers with Wallbox home chargers and saw increased vehicle sales. Where charging was once a barrier for those looking to purchase an EV, it has now become a differentiator for the dealership.

“When people decide to come to our dealership I want them to think, ‘I’m going there because at this place, they’ll support me. They’ll tell me how to charge my car. They won’t just throw the keys at me,’” said Jean-Marie Mesellaty. In the end, the holistic solution has been the key to overcoming a critical customer pain point.

“Do you want to know why the EV market isn’t developing faster?” Jean-Marie Mesellaty asks, “Because there is a painful lack of understanding when it comes to charging stations. That’s the concern today. With Wallbox, we’ve been able to bridge that gap.”

Serge Cometti, CEO MG Motor Paris

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