Future of hospitality

Sustainability is the Future of Hospitality, Inside and Out

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Research shows that the millennial generation believes the future of hospitality lies in sustainability, with changes being made to establishments both inside and out.

As part of this, the car parks of hotels, restaurants and more will be expected to accommodate a growing number of electric vehicles with car charging stations. 

Never before has a generation been so capable of change and so demanding of higher standards than the millennials. Tech savvy, accustomed to convenience and passionate about environmental preservation, this generation is the turning point for almost all industries on a global scale.

Future of hospitality

A 2019 study by Harvard Business Review found that for sales in 90% of the observed Consumer Packaged Goods categories, brands that were marketed as “sustainable” were growing faster than traditional competitors. This is not an isolated trend, with market leaders from almost all sectors identifying that ‘green’ marketing language can make product sales skyrocket.

The Future of Hospitality Is No Different

The future of hospitality relies on the millennial, and therefore it must also turn its attention to sustainability.

Paper straws in a café and reducing the washing of towels in a hotel are commendable acts, but providing a truly sustainable hospitality experience will take far more investment and far more strategy if hotels, bars and restaurants are to last in the longer term.

Establishments will need to implement major changes  both inside and out, from the operational energy to the supply chains and the way in which a venue empowers its millennial guests to make sustainable choices for themselves.

In this sense, a great choice you could offer to your customers is the opportunity to charge an electric vehicle (EV) in your car park

Research shows that car manufacturers such as Kia, Nissan and Volkswagen are working hard to make electric vehicles affordable for millennial and Gen Z drivers since the price of EV car batteries dropped 70% between 2010 and 2016.  Couple this with the rapidly approaching cut-off date for the sale of traditional diesel and petrol cars, and it’s easy to see why the hospitality sector must act now to serve the millennial generation. 

In 2019, 37,850 electric cars joined the UK roads, compared with 15,510 in 2018, clearly demonstrating an increase in sales which is set to continue.

Driving Electric

For every year your facility can’t accommodate EVs, it is another year losing the business of thousands of electric car drivers. Remember, there will come a time in the not too distant future in which EVs outnumber traditional cars and accommodating this global evolution will be a key to the success of your business.

Financial Help Is Available

Now is the time to start planning the installation of EV charging points in your car park, and financial incentives are available towards the upfront purchase and installation costs.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) offers £350 for each socket installed for the use of staff or customers, in a privately owned or managed car park. You can claim for between one and 40 sockets, which means a maximum grant of £14,000 is available.

To make the entire process easier and as stress-free as possible, choose an OZEV registered installer who can support you throughout the entire process. Why not call our team to discuss your requirements?