Pulsar Max Integrates with ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ for EVs

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Wallbox chargers has taken a major step forward in their partnership with Octopus Energy Group, a global energy tech pioneer known for its commitment to delivering clean, affordable energy solutions. This exciting development allows all EV drivers with Wallbox chargers to seamlessly integrate with the Intelligent Octopus tariff to charge their EV with cheaper greener energy. 

The Challenge 

Currently, approximately 35% of an EV driver’s energy expenditure is directed toward charging their vehicle and customers are always looking for ways to reduce their energy bill. Coupled with projections from the UK Government that electricity demand will surge by roughly 50% by the year 2035, it is crucial to find a cost-effective way to help more people make the switch to greener energy while shaping the grid of the future. 

The Solution

The partnership between Wallbox and Octopus harnesses a game-changing solution, with a smart EV charging tariff designed to tackle these challenges head-on. 

Wallbox customers can now seamlessly access the ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ tariff through their Pulsar Max, the ingenious smart home charger engineered to unlock both time and financial savings for EV drivers.

By switching to Intelligent Octopus Go, the average EV driver can save up to an impressive £700 annually. 

Intelligent Octopus Go enables users to charge their EVs when the grid is at its cheapest and usually greenest. The easy-to-use app lets drivers set charging times and battery charge levels. The app will then optimise the charging process to align with the most cost-effective and efficient times of the day. This tariff offers low rates for all smart charging and allows customers to save on home energy usage, too.

And that´s not all! This initiative has the potential to save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. By scheduling charges during periods of low electricity demand, Intelligent Octopus Go actively contributes to balancing the energy grid and energy resources are used efficiently and effectively. 

The Outcome

And the results have been incredible. 

Octopus’s smart tariff has played a pivotal role in advancing a flexible, sustainable energy grid, ultimately driving cost savings for all consumers.

Cars managed by Intelligent Octopus Go collectively form the UK’s largest virtual power plant, surpassing the capacity of even the biggest battery on the UK grid. With nearly 500MW of flexible capacity harnessed from EVs, this initiative helps stabilise the grid and ensures a steady supply of green energy.

And this is just the beginning! Eco-conscious drivers are now more empowered than ever to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying substantial cost savings.