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Introducing Quasar 2

The time has come! We were delighted to introduce the world to our all-new bidirectional charger Quasar 2 for the first time. We performed live demonstrations of our first CCS bidirectional charger to showcase the energy transfer between vehicles and homes and vehicles and the grid.

Wallbox conducted the thrilling demonstrations with the CUPRA BORN 77 kWh, the first EV with confirmed compatibility with Quasar, with more next-generation EVs expected to follow.

Welcome to Wallbox´s live coverage of Power2Drive.

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Key events:

Introducing Supernova 150

Wallbox fast charging solutions



How to save 50% on energy bills


Smart Software

How to enhance your charging experience


Quasar 2 Unveiling

Unlocking the Power of EV Charging through bidirectionality


Charging 2.0Power2Drive Stage

How bidirectional EV charging is establishing a new energy paradigm and democratising energy


Orion Unveiling

The path to commercial EV charging


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