Wallbox becomes a member of Green Energy Association of Israel

4 minutes

Climate action starts wherever you are.

That’s why at Wallbox, we are determined to align ourselves with the growing community of lobbyists, governments, NGOs and industry groups across the world working towards the implementation of renewable energy.

A switch to greener energy sources is core to ensuring global ecological transition. To help power the world in a better way, we are proud to announce we are now members of the Green Energy Association (GEA-IL).


Israel is undergoing an energy revolution, with the country having pledged to allow only electric passenger cars to be sold by 2030. And we want to be there to help make the transfer to electric mobility as smooth as possible.

The Minister of Energy has promised that within the next eight years all private vehicles will be 100 per cent electric, vehicles up to 3.5 tons will be 20 per cent compressed natural gas and 80 per cent electric while trucks over 3.5 tons will be 60 per cent CNG and 40 per cent electric. Meanwhile buses will be 25 per cent CNGF and 75 per cent electric.


Our objective is to help Israel achieve zero emissions by 2050 and we want to be on the frontlines with GEA-IL to create real change across the country. As a new member, we are delighted to be part of GEA-IL´s vision for the future.

Established in 2009 to promote the implementation of renewable energy electricity production in Israel, GEA-IL lobbies for and promotes the implementation of renewable energy by the various authorities and ministries of Israel.

GEA-IL is the main lobby group for the green energy market in Israel and its activity is conducted in various branches of GEA-IL which includes PV technology, CSP, Israeli technologies, wind and energy efficiency.


In 2013, GEA-IL expanded its activity to cover the promotion and implementation of the Energy Efficiency market in Israel – and that’s just the beginning!

Stay tuned to find out more about how our membership with GEA-IL will accelerate Israel´s transition to becoming an electric mobility and alternative fuels leader.