Get in charge with all the latest news from Wallbox

A quickfire roundup of all the Wallbox news you might have missed

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If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s delivering cutting-edge technology; products and software that allow you to take charge of the way you manage energy. In fact, we’ve created industry-leading products sold in over 100 countries, and won several awards along the way.

Being born in Barcelona means we have a unique standpoint; innovation and curiosity are part of the city’s DNA – and we like to think it has rubbed off on us too. But our vision goes well beyond our Spanish birthplace. We believe it is important to harness the demands and needs of each market we work in and we love nothing more than tapping into insight and access across all corners of the globe.

From aceing events with the ATP to road trip escapades, we’ve got the big ideas to make our products, events, and partnerships the most talked about in the industry. That’s where the Wallbox news roundup comes in – a quickfire roundup of all the Wallbox news you might have missed.

Let’s look back over the last few months for a taster of some of the most incredible experiences we worked to conceptualize and the unforgettable campaigns we have worked on.

500,000 chargers and counting…

We recently celebrated the sale of our 500,000th charger, a testament to our unwavering dedication to electric vehicle infrastructure.

And our very own CEO, Enric Asunción has made the shortlist for Reuters Visionary Leaders. This category recognizes five executives for their excellence and visionary leadership and we were delighted to see that Enric´s hard work earned him a nomination.

The power of partnerships:

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Enphase – an exciting union that further solidifies our commitment to excellence in the industry. This collaboration aims to provide seamless integration between solar power systems and home EV charging, offering enhanced sustainability and convenience for EV owners. With the shared goal of promoting clean energy and facilitating the transition to electric transportation, Enphase and Wallbox are excited to join forces and bring innovative solutions to the market.

Wallbox has also teamed up with Bolt to support drivers on their transition to electric vehicles in the Netherlands by providing exclusive discounts on home chargers. Through the partnership, drivers on the Bolt platform, will be able to purchase a Wallbox home charger with installation for a discounted price.

We also announced an interoperability partnership with smart energy provider Tibber. This exciting collaboration aims to promote the adoption of smart charging solutions with dynamic energy rates, ultimately enabling significant cost savings for consumers. This partnership means Tibber customers in the Netherlands and Sweden who own a Wallbox AC home charger can now use the Tibber app to charge their EVs during periods of low-cost energy. 


Looking ahead, in October, as part of our ongoing tennis project initiated with the Barcelona Open, Wallbox is set to partner with two ATP tournaments: Antwerp and Stockholm.

Check out our video from the Barcelona Open below!

Market Expansion:

We celebrated the successful launch of Wallbox in Japan in July. Our exclusive distributor, YourStand, has been instrumental in our growth in the Japanese market and we’re pleased to share that Wallbox Pulsar Plus Japan has been approved by JM, the main automotive aftermarket distributor in the country.

Latin America has also seen remarkable activations, with our team actively participating in key events and partnerships. Notably, Lucas de Moraes spoke at Intersolar South America in Brazil, while Franco Gilio participated in the Invest in Latam Chile Summit, emphasizing the role of charging infrastructure in Latin American electromobility.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with E-Wolf, an EV Charging specialist in Brazil, who is investing approximately 2M€ in Wallbox products for distribution in the country.

Eastern Europe has also seen significant developments, with Wallbox enjoying premium visibility in 73 Kafka’s stores in Greece. We’re also proud to be part of Autokinisi, the largest Auto show in Greece, in collaboration with Armet Mobility.

In Romania, we’ve made our presence felt at Translogistica through our distributor, EV Connect.

In the UK:

Our UK operations have been bustling with activity. We participated in the London to Paris Electric Vehicle Rally, setting a milestone in sustainable mobility.

We also launched our new brand campaign – inspiring all our users to get in charge, even when life doesn’t go to plan!

You too can get in charge with the Wallbox Pulsar Max

In a bid to get everyone all charged up, we brought the iconic Boudica statue near Big Ben to life with one of our chargers…sort of.

Of course, the statue hasn’t really developed a life of its own. Instead, it is a realistic 3D render that forces viewers to take a second look.

We’re also proud to have received the Best Home Charger award from Auto Express magazine, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Additionally, we’ve received positive product reviews from Go Green Autos and eFIXX, showcasing our product’s quality and performance.

For our UK market, we’re excited to mention our partnership with Actavo HomeCharge, which is making waves in Ireland with its installation of electric vehicle chargers in homes nationwide.

As we sink our teeth into the final quarter of 2023, team Wallbox continues to grow, crafting, creating, and strategizing detailed plans for global leading brands in the US and Europe.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, because at Wallbox, we’re just getting started on our journey toward a sustainable, electrified future.