Why Buying a Home Charger for Your EV Saves Money

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Savings that last far beyond Black Friday.  This November has brought a wave of eco-friendly deals that see major price-cuts on EV chargers that could guarantee long-term savings. 

Running costs

Every driver knows it doesn’t take long for the showroom shine of a new car to dim – and for the bills to start piling up. A 2020 study surveying German drivers found that half of respondents underestimated the total cost of running a car, and a third had to make cuts in their other spending to pay for insurance, fuel and servicing. 

An unsurprising fact. For many motorists the largest cost is fuel –  even the average driver travelling just 8,000 miles a year is likely to spend around $1,400 at the pump. 

Perhaps a less surprising fact: Owners of Electric Vehicles have made a name for themselves as savvy, sustainable spenders.  A recent study by Novuna Vehicle found that EV drivers are more likely to save more money than their gas-guzzling counter parts through a variety of methods.


The study found that EV drivers are more likely to measure their use of miles than owners of traditional cars.  It also found that 42 per cent of EV owners employ methods such as driving more cautiously, not leaving the window open, and emptying the boot to make the car lighter.

Another top cost-cutting measure?  A third of motorists revealed they were charging their EV at home more regularly in order to skip higher tariffs on public charge points and slash waiting times. 

The Pulsar Plus is helping to drive real change

Efficient software, long-term savings and ever more attractive designs are tempting motorists to invest in EV chargers.  Eco-smart chargers, like the Pulsar Plus, use the latest technology to help offset offset what is initially a high purchase price and the Wallbox app allows you to consider your local grid network and set charging times when electricity is cheaper.

Time to buy

If you choose a charger with scheduling features, you’ll save hundreds in energy bills over its lifespan. The typical at home cost for electric car with a 60kWh battery and 200-mile range is around $17 for a full charge.

And now there’s another incentive. Governments across the globe are offering grants to further reduce the costs of installation and purchase, meaning EV users can benefit from massive savings on home chargers. 

Now is the perfect time to invest in a charger, thanks to the Black Friday sales.  Need a reference point? Pulsar Plus is one of the most innovative chargers on the market and shoppers can now get their hands on a Pulsar Plus Charger (including installations and energy meter!) for just $946.90. That´s a huge saving for one week only!

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