Solar Panels and Wallbox EV Chargers: A Power Duo Driving Chang

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Carbon-guzzling, energy-wasting homes are out – and we are all looking toward forward-thinking homes with solar panels on the roof and electric cars in the garage. But before you splash the cash, here’s how to ensure your future items are compatible.

Imagining the future

Almost everyone has a winter fantasy. Picture driving home for the holidays, pulling up into the garage before entering a cosy house basking in the warm glow of twinkling fairy lights.  

But a home isn’t just about warmth and shelter anymore, it is also a space that requires smart thinking. With energy prices skyrocketing and a global race to net zero emissions, there has never been a better time to invest in smart energy.  Across the world, we’re turning away from carbon-guzzling appliances and looking for ways to use energy more efficiently. 

Solar panels and our Eco-Smart tech are a power duo driving real change

So imagine that the car you were driving was electric. And that when you arrive home, you can plug your EV into your own personal charger tucked discreetly inside your garage. And those Christmas lights? They are twinkling thanks to the energy provided by your solar panels. 

Making the dream a reality

This may seem like a far off dream, a Christmas miracle for future generations. But the truth is that the technology is here now – and the current savings on offer this Black Week can help make your smart home a reality. 

With major savings on offer, Black Week is the perfect time to plan ahead and secure the best device for a better price.

Analysis suggests as many as four in 10 electric-car drivers are already using or considering the addition of home solar panels to generate electricity, making solar panels and EVs a powerful duo. Even if you don´t have solar panels, you´ll want to keep this futureproof (and cost saving!) feature in mind when scoping out the right EV charger for you during your Black Friday shopping

Wallbox scooped the Prestigious IF Design Award 2022 with its public charger, the Supernova, earlier in the year. And its home charger has a similar sleek, modern appeal.

Unlike many other chargers, the Pulsar Plus is designed to work with solar panels to deliver top charging speeds in the greenest way possible. Wallbox’s proprietary Eco-Smart technology uses a household’s domestic solar PV to charge the vehicles with 100% green energy or a mix of green and grid energy based on the user’s preference. Users just need to add a power meter!

Additionally, customers can use Wallbox’s app to save money and lower their environmental impact by scheduling charging during hours when energy is cheapest and cleanest. Drivers can save up to £180, or $200, a year by charging during off-peak hours. 

Long term savings

Depending on where you live, you can also apply for a grant from the government to help with the cost and installation of an EV charger. Some governments even have separate incentives for solar panels installation, too! 

That means you can save hundreds by taking advantage of being ahead of the curve− investing in technology that transcends trends and makes your daily life easier than ever.  This Black Week, it’s not about a cheap, fast fix. It is all about taking advantage of the deals that will still serve you in the many winters to come. Welcome to the future.

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