Top reasons to buy a home charger this Black Friday

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If you’re looking for an attractive, efficient and easy-to-use way of charging your EV at home, Wallbox ought to be on your radar. Our Pulsar Plus is compact but powerful: a hugely efficient charger and an affordable, hassle-free form of fueling your car. Let’s dig into some of the best reasons to add a charger to your home.


EV charges are highly cost-efficient. Efficient technology and ever more attractive designs are tempting motorists with low running costs that can more than offset what is often a higher purchase price. A full charge, which might cost as little as $17, can allow you to travel around 250 miles, depending on your model of car. This makes it a far cheaper alternative petrol.


Most EV drivers only charge their car 2–3 times a week. If you’re driving your EV on a daily basis and own a smart charger, you can also schedule your car to be charged at night thanks to the integrated timer. This way you’ll always wake up to a fully-charged EV, while also saving on energy costs. 

Fast to use

It’s ridiculously easy to run a Wallbox charger – charging your car with a smart charger is up to eight times faster than charging it with a simple cable. Most chargers and public charging stations offer rates up to 22 kW while your domestic socket can only deliver rates up to 3.7 kW, while 2.3 kW is the maximum recommended. Want to calculate the charging speed at your home? Here’s how.

Simple to control

We’ve already mentioned the integrated timer, which allows you to charge your EV at night when electricity is cheaper.  But Wallbox chargers are even easier to control thanks to the myWallbox app. The Pulsar Plus, for example, connects to yout WiFi so that you can control your charger from an app on your phone or tablet.  It’ll tell you when your car is fully charged and lets you adjust the power rate at which you want to charge.

Better for the environment

Taking into account the entire lifecycle of a typical EV – from factory floor to road – there are large overall C02 savings to be made, compared to petrol or diesel cars. 

EVs help slow climate change by cutting emissions in half (or more when using renewable energy sources) and charging innovation is only getting better each year. New developments are shaping the way we use, store and manage energy to bolster grids and power supplies – so they can cope. Smart chargers allow consumers to use natural energy in the most efficient way possible, creating greater self-sustainability and circularity. 

Would a charger be right for your home?

If everything you’ve read so far makes a home charger sound appealing, you might like to explore our full range of chargers.